Star Wars Wednesday - Celebration VI Scramble

With this week's release of the Star Wars Celebration VI full event schedule, event planning is in full swing. There are a lot of great panels to look forward to. As usual, some of the ones with the most interest for me overlap, but I should basically be able to get to the ones I want to see.

Event planning has a new twist this time around - the schedule was initially released on the Celebration VI App. It has been reasonably useful so far. The only feature I'd like to see added is the ability to search events by specific stage.

As with CV, I'll be targeting the behind the scenes and writing workshop style events. I'll pick up a few of the more mainstream ones along the way. Pablo Hidalgo and Dave Filoni are presenting their continuity panel again this year, and that was fantastic last time around.

The official blog is talking specifics about some of the events. Individual guests are also posting their schedules on their websites, twitter, facebook, etc.

Also, in the run up to next week's GenCon, Fantasy Flight Games continues to post more info on their X-Wing minis game. More on that later.