Star Wars Wednesday - Force that X-Wing?

So, last week's Force Friday was a pretty spectacular event in some realms. I had friends that I never expected to go to a midnight opening at a store for Force Friday tell me they went and stood in line outside of a local Target (only to discover there was actual queuing space inside). I saw part of the unboxing live stream (see last week's post). I split my efforts between Amazon and a local Barnes and Noble, which turned out to be unexpectedly a good thing, but not for the reasons I thought. And, there's been a lot of talk about the new stories. No spoilers here, btw. 

I usually don't go in for doing reviews, exactly. This time, for example, I know two of the novelists, worked with one on a different non-Star Wars project, and met another at GenCon this year. I used to get more worked up about things in the early days of of the EU, but with a universe as big as Star Wars, and Star Wars licensing, there are bound to be stories you like and those you don't. It will be the same going forward. 

I ordered all of the novels from Amazon except Aftermath. I knew it would be the one I'd want to read first, and didn't want to risk having to wait if Amazon or the local post office blew the "arrive on the day it is released" thing. So, Friday afternoon, I dropped by Barnes and Noble to pick up Aftermath, and it was right out front, as expected. I made my way back to the Star Wars table they set up, and was surprised to find this: 

I had seen the FFG announcement which said it was available at select stores, I just didn't expect BN to be one of them. BN actually carries a fair amount of X-Wing, but since I usually get mine from a local game store, I tend to forget it. 

I was more surprised about what I didn't find. Namely, I couldn't find ANY of the other new Star Wars book titles on the shelves. I mean, you would think this would be BN's main focus - a bunch of new Star Wars books, many marketed to a young audience. They had a table of other Force Friday toys and what have you. 

I was extremely glad I'd preordered those elsewhere. Worse for BN, now I know I can't trust they'll have new titles the day of release. I'm not usually big on getting things the day they are out, but with spoilers likely to fly quickly, I knew I needed to dive in as soon as I could.

I don't seek out spoilers, but with twitter....things just show up unannounced sometimes. Plus I follow the authors, so that only speeds things up. Anyway, I read Aftermath over the weekend, and I'm into Rucka's Smuggler's Run now. No spoilers.

The response to Aftermath has been crazy, with a lot of uncalled for shenanigans with amazon reviews. Wendig posted a response over at his blog. 

Jason Fry penned a piece on his work on Weapon of a Jedi for 

Greg Rucka's comic Shattered Empire hit stores today....and I went by the comic book store yesterday. Oops. I'll pick it up in a few days. 

Things are off and running now, and things will only get more exciting in the days ahead. 


One last thing.....There is a sale on Savage Worlds RPGs thru September, and my adventure Pranac Pursuit for The Last Parsec setting is available at a small discount.