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Star Wars Wednesday - GamerNation Con 2016

This past weekend brought GamerNation Con 2016, hosted in Dallas, Texas by d20 radio and the Order66 podcast. I had a good time last year and found a way to get a bit of time to return this year. The con is relatively small, but has a very dedicated Star Wars RPG fan base, and it hosts a wide variety of board games, RPGs, and...lip sync battle. GamerNation clearly extends well beyond the US and some attendees come from around the world - Germany, Australia, Scotland, Canada, Norway, and probably others I'm overlooking at the moment. It was fun to see those who returned from last year, plus those who I've met elsewhere, like GenCon or Star Wars Celebration. The guests of honor were Rodney Thompson (formerly of Wizards of the Coast, Star Wars Saga Edition and D&D 5e fame, now with Bungie working on Destiny) and Christopher West (Maps of Mastery).

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Star Wars Wednesday - Using Maps

Maps are great tools for RPGs, both in play and as sources of inspiration. Following on from last week's Maps of Mastery Stats post, here are a few ways to use those maps in RPGs. As it happens, Fantasy Flight Games posted a new preview of Star Wars Age of Rebellion Strongholds of Resistance, highlighting Rebel bases in the book. I had a great time with that section.

Deck plans and bases are among the more common map types in Star Wars games, so both make good starting points for map based adventures or encounters. Maps can be great sources of inspiration.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Maps of Mastery Stats

Quite awhile several years ago....I posted some Star Wars RPG ship and vehicle stats for some of Christopher West's Maps of Mastery sci-fi maps. First in Star Wars RPG d20 Saga Edition stats, then a few in Saga and West End Games d6 when the RPG license was between companies. They are still on the site, and have remained reasonably popular. I've been wanting to do an update for the Star Wars Edge of the Empire / Age of Rebellion / Force and Destiny RPGs for the longest time, and never could seem to find the time.

Well, now I have.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Nova Eclipse

This week, we take a look at the Nova Eclipse - the highly customized AR-37 Paragon-class light transport from Christopher West's maps and, and his personal game.

But first, a brief note that I was sorry to hear that Lucasfilm laid off Bonnie Burton (aka @bonniegrrl) this week, their long-time social network liason (and likely other duties I know nothing about). I only had brief contact with Bonnie, several years ago when she interviewed me for an article on my blog at announced that it was revamping the official blog, with their ongoing reworking of all things that has been underway for awhile. The latest blog post is looking for feedback on what people want to see on the site, so now is the time to comment, if you want to see particular types of content, etc.

Now, on with the Nova Eclipse. We'll start once again with Chris' description, followed by my stats for Saga and d6 systems, as usual.

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Star Wars Wednesday - AR-37 Paragon Light Transport

This week, I finally return to the RPG stats for Christopher's West's Mass Transit III/Boarding Action map. It's time to take on the AR-37 Paragon-Class Light Transport...but there's a bit of a wrinkle. The stock version of the AR-37 doesn't actually appear on this map, it's on Christopher West's successful Kickstarter Offworld Docking Port map. The one on Boarding Action? It's the Nova Eclipse, Chris' ship in his home game, which I'll tackle next week. The second level of the AR-37 appears on the Kickstarter Nova Eclipse map.
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Star Wars Wednesday - Wookiees & Darths

This past week saw the running of the 2011 KC Game Fair. Though not as large as last year's version (nor was it expected to be, as last year was a bit unique), a lot of gamers had a good time, and a lot of money was raised for Harvesters along the way (though that isn't the focus of the con, Harvesters has been our charity of choice for years for donations raised at the con, with Toys for Tots a more recent addition).

As usual, I ran Star Wars Saga Edition a couple of times

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Star Wars Wednesday - 3,720 to 1

For years...say almost 20 now...I've run Star Wars RPGs at local gaming conventions and at GenCon. It is how I started writing RPG material in the first place. More on that in a future post. Since I started working on Saga Edition, I've used the convention adventures to highlight the latest books and my most recent publications. Once the end of the Saga Edition line was announced, I intended to make a few of these adventures available for free for others to use.
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Star Wars Wednesday - Stat Pack - Maps of Mastery I

This marks the first of what I will strive to make a weekly feature: Star Wars Wednesday. Most weeks it will likely cover some aspect of the Star Wars roleplaying or miniatures games, but some will also feature comments on most anything related to the Star Wars universe. Entry length will vary. Some will be copied in full to Delusions of Granduer, my blog, but any that feature gaming freebies (like today) will still require a trip over here to actually download it. Some weeks, I'll be posting other items to the blog, so if you want to just see the Star Wars items, simply click on the Star Wars Wed. category (below the post). Today, I'm featuring Stat Pack - Maps of Mastery I.
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