Sterling is an architect, writer and game designer. As an architect, he works on projects of all sizes, local to international. As a game designer and cartographer he works in fantasy settings and a galaxy far, far away.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Rebels on Target

Work travel has me out and about this week, so here's a few short items for now....On the plus side, it should show up first thing Wednesday instead of the last thing.

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Star Wars AoR Stay on Target Announced

Today, Fantasy Flight Games announced the upcoming Stay on Target, a sourcebook for Aces as the first Career book for Star Wars Age of Rebellion RPG. I'm one of the writers. It is due to be released in 4th Quarter 2014. 


Star Wars Wednesday - GenCon 2014

Last week was GenCon 2014. As usual, I didn't have time to post, or even the time to prepare a post beforehand. It was a fantastic convention, and record setting at 56,614 attendees, up from last year's 49,000 or so. The dealer hall was even bigger than past years, and I had the least amount of time to see it this year. I had few things going on, and a few things were announced...

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Star Wars Wednesday - Rebel Eras

This week, the longest Star Wars Rebels clip yet appeared on Disney XP...XD (yeah, I think I'm going to make that typo regularly). Fortunately, it is also online for those of us who got distracted doing something else at the time. It is said that the show will cover the beginnings of the Rebellion, or something to that effect. Having written the Rebellion history section in FFG's Age of Rebellion and Wizard of the Coasts' Rebellion Era Sourcebook, I'll be watching with interest to see how things go this time around. 

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Star Wars Wednesday - SDCC Everywhere

As expected, San Diego ComicCon had a lot of Star Wars announcements. Perhaps less expected on my part was the overall number of Star Wars related panels and the detail coming out of some of them. It seemed to be a never ending stream of news and material on my Twitter feed, and not just because I follow several Star Wars related accounts. This week also brought on new previews from FFG for the RPGs and X-Wing.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Rebellion Day Rebels

Star Wars is steadily gearing up on all fronts. Fantasy Flight Games announced the Rebellion Day store event for Age of Rebellion. JJ Abrams released a new Episode VII sneak peek. A new Rebels trailer arrived. Next week I'll likely be talking about whatever news comes out of San Diego Comic Con. New and old games keep rolling along as well. I played Star Wars Miniatures for the first time in roughly forever, followed up by a couple of Star Wars Age of Rebellion Beginner Game sessions at Kantcon this past weekend.

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Star Wars Wednesday - We're All Fine Here. How Are You?

Sooooo.....that was painful, but things are running more smoothly on the computer front. Me personally? Not so much, but I'm recovering too from this summertime cold thing that's been going on all week. So, I'll just sort of ease back into this Star Wars blog thing...

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Tyranny of Dragons - Drums in the Marsh

This past week, Wizards of the Coast announced the Tyranny of Dragons adventure lineup for the all-new Adventurers League. The Adventurers League is D&D's new organized play for conventions, stores, and more.

There are different types of adventures depending on venue and targeted play style/purpose. There are Epics (kickoff events at major conventions), Encounters (core storyline, in-store), and Expeditions (convention premier, then stores and other conventions). 


My part in this series is the D&D Expeditions adventure DDEX1-7 Drums in the Marsh, set to debut at Archon in St. Louis, MO in October, then open for wider distribution after that, assuming I've understood the plan.    


Here's the official listing:

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Star Wars Wednesday - EeeeerrrThunk

An accurate representation of my computer the past week.... no post this week.



Star Wars Wednesday - Age of Rebellion Release

So....missed the entire month of June. Didn't really plan it that way, just sort of happened for a different reason each week. Well, a lot has happened in the meantime and this week, well, this arrived today.

So I can talk about it. Actually, I already have. One of the items I should have posted over the past few weeks was my designer's diary entry on the Fantasy Flight Games site. It covers a bit about the Galaxy and the Rebellion. I'll have more to share on that later (Future topic! Only a 10% chance I'll forget I ever said it...). 

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