Sterling is an architect, writer and game designer. As an architect, he works on projects of all sizes, local to international. As a game designer and cartographer he works in fantasy settings and a galaxy far, far away.

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Jul222015 Interview

John 'Dak' Morton interviewed me recently about working on the Star Wars RPGs over the years, and it was posted to tonight.

You can find it here. 

John is, of course, the actor who played Luke's snowspeeder gunner 'Dak' The Empire Strikes Back. I met him at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim earlier this year.


Star Wars Wednesday - It is Your Destiny

It may or may not have hit stores just yet - these releases tend to be a bit nebulous - but it exists, and here's my copy that arrived Tuesday. The Star Wars Force and Destiny RPG Core Rulebook is (almost) now available (probably). I had a great time on this. It it the third of the 3 core rulebooks, and I'm happy to have been involved in all three, and many other FFG Star Wars products over the past several years. 

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Star Wars Wednesday - Convention Season 1995...2015

The summer convention season is in full swing now. At this point, everyone has heard the San Diego Comic Con news and its fantastic secret Star Wars concert. I caught the panel and more online, while working on my own events for several upcoming conventions. It was fun, catching the great behind the scenes reel from the con, followed up by a random retweet that unexpectedly served up a (presumably) bootleg periscope feed of the concert itself. I actually missed a fair amount but managed to catch the fireworks finale in all of its wobbly grainy phone-camera streaming video glory. So on with the shows....

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Star Wars Wednesday - Keeping the Peace Announced

Today, Fantasy Flight Games announced Keeping the Peace, a Guardian sourcebook for Star Wars Force and Destiny RPG. I'm one of the writers.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Destiny Begins

The first product of the (non-beta) Star Wars Force and Destiny RPG hit stores this week, in the form of the Beginner Game.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Announcement Battlefront

So, with E3 leading the way, it has been another crazy week of Star Wars related announcements. Good thing, too, since I'm busy again. 

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Star Wars Wednesday - Surprising Uprisings

This was a week of surprise announcements and revelations: a new game, a lost novel, and a found script fueling a weird "debate."  

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Star Wars Wednesday - Comics and More

This is one of those days when the Star Wars world, or fandom I suppose, is all stirred up from an unexpected revelation in one of the ongoing storylines. No spoilers here, but it will be interesting for a while... Anyway, there seems to be a variety of comics related news this week.

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Kansas City Comic Con - Gaming Guest

Announced today, I'll be attending the new Kansas City Comic Con as a gaming guest on Friday and Saturday. KCCC is August 7-9, 2015 at Bartle Hall, downtown Kansas City. Schedules for gaming, panels, and other events will be announced before the show. Keep an eye on the web site for updates.

KCCC previously announced TSR and gaming legend Jim Ward as their first gaming guest. Jim is known for the original D&D Deities and Demigods, Gamma World RPG, Metamorphosis Alpha RPG, a long list of video games, and running TSR for a time. 

Star Wars Marvel comics writer Jason Aaron was announced as the show's first creator guest. Jason writes the best selling main Star Wars comic line. 

The show continues to announce media, creator, and other guests.

Tickets are now on sale. 



Star Wars Wednesday - Bouncing Around

Things have slowed down a bit in the Star Wars news department, and I had work to deal with before the holiday, so last week's post just sort of...didn't happen. So, I'm back with a few items....

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