Sterling is an architect, writer and game designer. As an architect, he works on projects of all sizes, local to international. As a game designer and cartographer he works in fantasy settings and a galaxy far, far away.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Lords of Nal Hutta

Star Wars Edge of the Empire Lords of Nal Hutta has been out for a bit now. Here are a few thoughts on my section, which is essentially the first chapter.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Another Week, Another Title

Picking up where I left off last week, I'm pushing ahead with Star Wars RPG character creation for the upcoming conventions. Plus a few other random bits of news.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Down but Not Quite Out

So, it seems to be a week of Star Wars game announcements. It's been a pretty steady stream of new games, old games, award nominations and releases. I even have a couple of my own to throw into the mix, plus some progress on the convention adventures.

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Star Wars Force and Destiny Core Rulebook Release Announced

Today, Fantasy Flight Games announced the upcoming release of the third Star Wars RPG core rulebook, Star Wars Force and Destiny RPG. As with the other core rulebook, this is a standalone book that doesn't require either of the previous books to use. As usual, it is completely compatible with the earlier works for those who want to mix and match. 

Force users are rather obviously the central focus of the book. Perhaps not so obvious for those who haven't tried out the Beta from last year is that it isn't a Jedi sourcebook per se. Existing in the same time frame as Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion, Force users are mostly on their own when it comes to training and survival. 

I was one of the writers on this book. All I can say for now is that I worked on the GM chapter, as small part of it appeared in the Beta. 

The book is due to be released in the third quarter of this year.


Star Wars EotE Lords of Nal Hutta Released

Today, Fantasy Flight Games announced the release of Star Wars Edge of the Empire Lords of Nal Hutta, a sourcebook for Hutt Space. I had a lot of fun writing about the Hutts, chronicling their complex history, reconciling known information, working through the Hutt Ruling Council, getting the opportunity to create new kajidics, and more. That's just Chapter 1.

Following on, there are new playable species, encounters, and more. They are all usable for adventures and campaigns in and around Hutt Space - as well as adding to opportunities to use Hutts in the galaxy at large.

More on this in future Star Wars Wednesday posts.


Star Wars Wednesday - Plans? What Plans?

With game days and other events coming up in the next few months, it's time for me to wrangle a few Star Wars convention adventures together. Rather, it's time for me to start pulling things together in order to hopefully avoid the last-minute rush putting characters or other items together. This and other upcoming posts will include a variety of thoughts about how I assemble, adapt, and hopefully improve on previous events. They'll include some combination of convention adventure design thoughts, how the game looks and works at the table, and how I often prepare my own gamemaster notes. Some posts will be longer than others, depending on how much time I've been able to spend in a particular week.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Hello, What Have We Here?

And we're back. I've been working through a series of deadlines at my day job lately, and last week the schedule combined with wear and tear to the point that a post just wasn't going to happen. Things are a bit lighter this week, but I'll still need to keep this short. Fortunately, there are several recent subjects of which I have something, but not a lot, to say.

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Star Wars Wednesday - A New Marvel

The release of the first new Marvel Star Wars comic is today. To say this is a highly anticipated event is an understatement, given that it has already sold 1 million copies. 

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Star Wars Wednesday - Target Acquired

With the holidays, and New Years Eve falling on Wednesday, I didn't get around to a last grab bag post of the year this time. I am trying to kick off 2015 on schedule, though. We'll see how long that lasts. 2014 was a great year for Star Wars, and 2015 appears to be even better. It got off to a great start with the return of Star Wars Rebels, and one of the best episodes yet. Even better, it opens up some new ideas for the RPG. Spoiler warning for the episode on this one - but I'm putting those observations at the very end of this entry with a wide gap in between so those that don't want to see it can read the rest of the post. Things like a few comments on Stay on Target. Happy New Year!

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Star Wars Wednesday - Acing the Holidays

Just in time for the holidays, Star Wars Age of Rebellion Stay on Target is officially in stores. So I'm told, anyway. I dropped by my local game store tonight to take a look, since my author's copy is still in transit. The bad news? They didn't have it. The good news? They said they haven't been able to keep it the other Star Wars RPG books on the shelves for very long. So, happy holidays, if you can find it...

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