Sterling is an architect, writer and game designer. As an architect, he works on projects of all sizes, local to international. As a game designer and cartographer he works in fantasy settings and a galaxy far, far away.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Still Here

So, a couple of weeks slipped by without posts. Guess I'll just ease back into it, then...

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Star Wars Wednesday - Busy Times

A rare miss last week followed by basically another one this week. I'll try to get back on track next week. In the meantime...

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Star Wars Wednesday - Clone Wars & More

Since The Clone Wars Lost Missions came out over the weekend, here are a few comments and notes on things along the way. No spoilers, though. And a few other items that got pushed aside in the past few weeks for more important posts.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Aaron Allston

Image: Michael Stanton IIA few thoughts about Aaron Allston, Star Wars novelist (among other subjects) and game designer, who passed away last week.

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Edge of the Empire: Dangerous Covenants Released!

Yesterday, Fantasy Flight Games announced that Edge of the Empire: Dangerous Covenants is now in stores. I'll have more to say about it later on, but here are a few notes.

This is the Hired Gun Career sourcebook, but it is useful for mercenary campaigns in general. It has new species, Specializtions, Obligations, Motivations, equipment, vehicles, campaign advice and suggestions.

Go get it!


Star Wars Wednesday - The Lost Missions

This is one of those busy weeks. Fortunately, The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions trailer was released and it looks great....

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Star Wars Wednesday - More and More Rebels

If you are a Star Wars fan and have been anywhere near a computer, let alone twitter or other social media, you already know this has been a week of Rebels reveals. Between the New York Toy Fair toy reveals and the scattered Rebel character reveals (still ongoing), it sometimes seems like the Rebels are literally showing up from all directions.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Age of Rebellion & Other Rebels

Coming Second Quarter 2014.Rebels everywhere this week. Rebel games, Rebel ships, and Rebel TV Shows. Plus The Clone Wars resurfaced.

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Star Wars Wednesday - GoldenGeek Award Nominations

Depending how you look at it, today's post is either really late from last week, or a bit early for this week. We'll see if I post anything tomorrow.

Very early today, / / announced the nominations for their 2013 Golden Geek Awards. Star Wars in its various game forms received a large number of nominations, including two of my products, Beyond the Rim for RPG Best Supplement and Star Wars: Edge of the Empire for RPG Game of the Year. Some categories feature more than one Star Wars game. Congratulations to FFG and their freelancers! A lot of great RPGs and board games came out last year, so there's a lot of competition.

                       Voting is now open (update: login and BBG Supporter membership required).

Here is the complete Star Wars nomination list:

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Star Wars Wednesday - Old and New RPG Sources

Game masters are (or should) always be on the lookout for inspiration for new material, or, rather more often, using ideas directly from other stories, movies, and more. For players, their characters may not-so-subtly replicate a favorite hero. Inspiration has to come from somewhere, so this week, there are a few suggestions.

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