Podcast and Video Appearances

Order 66: Episode 119: Dat Asset, Though - Discussing using bases, ships, and other assets for PC bases of operation in Edge/Age/F&D.

Board at Work by Pawn and Pint: EP 003 Talking Star Wars with writer and game designer Sterling Hershey - Donald the DM and I discuss the span of my career as a writer and game designer for the Star Wars role-playing games. And some other bits.

Order 66: Episode #100: The Big One Zero Zero - The Order 66 podcast celebrates its 100th episode (again). I was invited to join in for a bit at the spur of the moment. 

I'd Just as Soon Kiss a Mookiee - 34 - The Season Awakens -  Star Wars writer and Mets blogger Jason Fry and MetsPolice blogger Shannon Shark invited me on to their Mets/Star Wars podcast to talk Star Wars, the Royals and Mets season opener, and more.

Order 66: Episode #71: Maximum Guardian - Discussion about Star Wars Force and Destiny Keeping the Peace Guardian sourcebook. FFG developer Max Brooke and I joined hosts GM Dave and GM Phil.

Aethercon IV: One Small Step: Giants in Space - A panel discussion of sci-fi and RPGs held at the online convention Aethercon IV in November 2015. Panelists are myself, Katrina Ostrander (Fantasy Flight Games) and Garrett Crowe (Threat Detected Podcast). 

Order 66: Episode #68 The Adventure Awakens - Spoiler Alert! This is a wide ranging discussion about how to prepare for a Force Awakens era RPG game or campaign. The movie and aspects of other sources area discussed in detail, so the spoiler alert applies to some of that as well. Guests include myself and Christopher West, with GM Chris, GM Dave, and GM Phil. 

Order 66: Episode #67 The Fanboy Awakens - Spoiler Alert! Discussion about Star Wars The Force Awakens with the Order 66 hosts and guests. Guests include myself, actor Sam Witwer, map designer Christopher West, and others.

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim/Order 66/All Wings Report In - A Youtube interview from the Rebel Legion area at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, hosted by GM Phil of the Order 66 and All Wings Report In (Rebel Legion) podcasts. 

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Forcecast/Sabacc Table podcast Star Wars Age of Rebellion live stream demo. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

Order 66: Live Play Episode 1, The Celebrity Game (part 1) (part 2 (not happening))- A live play demo of Edge of the Empire Beta, with myself, Andy Hurley, Christopher West, and GM Dom plus GM Chris as the GM.

Order 66: Episode #163: Edge of the Empire - Interview introducing and discussing the newly released beta version of the new Star Wars Edge of the Empire Roleplaying Game from Fantasy Flight Games, with lead designer Jay Little, myself and Andy Hurley.

Order 66: Episode #148: The Kahn Echo Startled the Dog - Interview and in depth discussion of my Blazing Chain Force tradition, from the Unknown Regions (Saga Edition) book.

Threat Detected: Talnar's Rescue (d20 radio) - I'm not actually in these episodes, but they adapted my adventure Talnar's Rescue to Saga Edition. Episode 15. All Talnar tagged episodes.

Threat Detected (d20 radio) - One interview split into three parts. Part 1 (Episode 9) discusses Star Wars RPG Saga Edition and D&D 4e. Part 2 (episode 10) discusses Dawn of Defiance. Part 3 is forthcoming.

The Tome Show: Episode #178: MV:Threats to the Nentir Vale - interview discussing creating D&D Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale, along with co-authors Brian R James and Matt James.

Order 66: Episode #139: Masterful Module Making (d20 radio) - guest / co-host, discussing module/adventure creation for public use/publication.

Order 66: Episode #114: Its All About the Celebration (d20 radio) - a discussion about GenCon and Star Wars Celebration V.

Minis Mayham #42: Life, the Universe and Scenarios (d20 radio) - we discuss the entries of Minis Mayham's scenario contest, and scenario design in general. I was one of the judges.

Order 66: Episode #104: Into the Unknown (d20 radio) - a detailed interview/discussion of The Unknown Regions with myself and fellow authors Rodney Thompson and Jonathan Stevens.

Order 66: Episode #101 Enn Pee Thees (d20 radio) - a discussion on creating non-player characters from a story and mechanical perspective, as well as the limits and fun with accents.

Minis Mayham #31: A Year is Here (d20 radio) - Minis Mayham's 1 year anniversary recording, with myself, Gary Sarli and Christopher West discussing the end of the minis and rpg lines, as well as some of our current and past work.

Minis Mayham #5: Sterling Skywalker (d20 radio) - covering Star Wars minis and scenarios.

Order 66: Execute Episode 66 (d20 radio) - rapid fire RPG discussion with Sam Witwer, Gary Astleford, Gary Sarli (Star Wars Saga Edition editor), Rodney Thompson and myself.

Order 66: Episode 59- Three Men and a Little Legacy (d20 radio) - covering the Legacy Era Campaign Guide, with Gary Astleford (freelance writer), Rodney Thompson and myself.

Order 66: Episode 50 One Year Mark (d20 radio) - celebration of Order 66's one year anniversary, with Sam Witwer (voice of Vader's Secret Apprentice), Rodney Thompson (WotC Star Wars line developer) and myself.

Order 66: Episode 32: Of U-Hauls, Fences and Silver Chocolate (d20 radio) -  covering the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide.

Order 66: Episode 31: The GenCon Extravaganza Strikes Back (d20 radio) - recording of the 2008 Star Wars RPG & Minis Panel at GenCon, with John Jackson Miller (KotoR comics and CG author), Rob Watkins (Star Wars minis designer), Chris Perkins (Wizards of the Coast manager/editor) and myself.

Pulp Gamer Inside Track 53: Sterling Hershey and the Star Wars games (Pulp Gamer) - interview covering the Star Wars RPG and Minis, from GenCon 2008.


Interviews & Articles

Fantasy Flight Games

Empire of Crime (Lords of Nal Hutta sourcebook preview)

The Rebel Alliance's View of the Galaxy (Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook preview)

What Really Happened to the Sa Nalaor? (Beyond the Rim adventure preview)\



Starwars.com Interview - Sterling Hershey: Cartographer of the Galaxy - An interview by John 'Dak' Morton about the RPGs over the years.

Exploring The Unknown Regions (archive link) (d20 Saga Edition)

Look Sir: The Scavengers Guide to Droids  (archive link) (d20 Saga Edition)

Fight Ship to Ship with Star Wars Miniatures (archive link) (Starship combat game)

Star Wars Miniatures: Attack on Endor (archive link) (Attack on Endor Scenario Pack)

Featured Blog: Delusions of Grandeur (archive link) (starwars.com blog interview)


Star Wars Insider

Issue #145 Nov/Dec 2013: Blaster - FFG -  Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beyond the Rim quotes and comments.

Issue #144 Oct 2013: Incoming - FFG - Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beyond the Rim highlights (only).

Issue #100 April 2008: Even More Unleashed - The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide highlights (only).