Star Wars Wednesday - SW Tabletop Gaming Resources

With no official Star Wars RPG or Minis material in the foreseeable future, it's time once again to highlight some of the fan sites working to keep the games alive. Some of these sites have been around a very long time. Most cater to a specific segment of the Star Wars gaming audience – d6, d20, Saga, Minis and so on. Some sites contain brand new fan-generated material, while others serve as discussion areas or indexes for existing work. A few store FAQs and other information released for free from official sources that are no longer available. Some of these are old sites at new locations, so if you've lost an old favorite, you might find it here.


This is not a comprehensive list, and I'll update over time. If I've missed something, particularly something good, drop me a note via the contact page.


Wizards of the Coast Star Wars Forums – the rpg and minis forums remain available, even though all Star Wars product pages were removed from the site when the license expired. – Home to the Order 66 podcast, the long running Star Wars RPG podcast filled with interviews, reviews, house rules and comedy. It also hosts the Minis Mayham podcast covering the miniatures game in detail, and new scenarios. The d20radio forums feature original work, adventures, etc. for both games, as well as general discussion and some of the free articles previously available at Wizards of the Coast.


Star Wars RPG Index (Saga) – An excellent online index for all (or nearly all) Saga books.


SWRPG Network - A long running forum and information source for d6, d20 and saga games. It has become quieter over the past few years, but a lot of information remains available. This site is owned and operated by Saga Edition designer/developer Rodney Thompson, though he hasn't had much time for it since his employment by Wizards of the Coast.


Fandom Comics – creator of many fan generated sourcebooks for saga edition and Star Wars fan generated comics.


Star Wars Artist's Guild - A great source of new Star Wars art by dedicated artists. – Saga edition material, hasn't been updated for awhile.


The Unofficial Marvel Comics Roleplaying Game Page – Dedicated to the original Marvel comics run, with mainly d6 and some d20 stats.


Star Wars Fanboy Association – lists the recent happenings of members of the Star Wars Fanboy Association, some of which are now published authors and so forth. Some d6 material here as well.


Star Wars Timeline Gold – A comprehensive Star Wars Timeline, now going on its 13th year (with links to other timeline sites).


Pen and Paper Star Wars Index – indexing a lot of d6 and d20 products.


Completely Unnoficial Star Wars Encyclopedia – an alternative to Wookieepedia, some of which was used in the Official Star Wars Encyclopedia.


Wookieepedia – over 80,000 articles on Star Wars. Good for tracking down obscure references or just looking for a new ideas.


Playing Online

Roleplaying Games Network


The Star Wars Roleplaying Club online games.


Minis Specific Sites:

Maps of Mastery – Christopher West's maps for the Minis game. Chris created nearly all of the official maps. – buy packs of minis, maps and related items for the minis and rpg. Gary is also developing a new RPG called the e20 system.


Star Wars Miniatures Gamers – an active miniatures fan site, currently creating a new “virtual set” of Star Wars minis. – minis resource with custom maps, reviews, news and more.


Star Wars Miniatures Maps – maps by Christopher Preksta – An online tool for tracking your collection and creating squads. - Minis maps and other resources, looks like it hasn't been updated for awhile.