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Star Wars Wednesday - GamerNation Con 2019

GamerNation Con is next up on my look at the past few weeks of conventions in reverse order. Hosted by d20Radio and the creators of the Order 66 podcast, GN Con is up to its 6th year, which is pretty amazing and continues to draw people from around the world - Australia, Norway, Canada, the US, and probably others I’m overlooking at the moment. At least one or more of the regulars skipped it due to Star Wars Celebration the following week, which from a health standpoint probably would have been a good idea for me as well…

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Star Wars Wednesday - Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019

It has been a very busy couple of months, with a job change and a trio of consecutive conventions consuming my time. I hope to catch up here over the next few weeks. I’ll be working in reverse order, with this week covering the just completed Star Wars Celebration Chicago, next week discussing Gamer Nation Con 6, and finally Planet Comicon 2019. So, on with Celebration…

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New Podcast Interview - Board at Work by Pawn and Pint

BoardatWork Podcast.PNG

I was invited to appear on the new Pawn and Pint podcast series Board at Work. Pawn and Pint is a game pub in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. They have a gigantic wall of board games and many RPG events.

Board at Work by Pawn and Pint: EP 003 Talking Star Wars with writer and game designer Sterling Hershey - Donald the DM and I discuss the span of my career as a writer and game designer for the Star Wars role-playing games. And some other bits.

Star Wars Wednesday - GamerNation Con 5

Star Wars Wednesday - GamerNation Con 5

Thanks to deadlines, work travel, and more, I've been remiss in posting these past few weeks. This lasted right up until last week when I was on my way to GamerNation Con 5, The Order of the Gamers (with a Harry Potter theme). I was the Guest of Honor this year, and it was a great time. Lots of Star Wars RPGs were played, and much more.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Gen Con 50

Gen Con 50 was last week, and with it came a couple of announcements. One I should have covered here before the show, but had issues trying to use a mobile app to update the blog. I eventually just had to give up. The convention was fun. It was also sold out at 60,000 unique badges and over 200,000 visitors, however that is calculated. It felt more crowded at times, but not as overwhelming as it might have been. Part of that was expanding into Lucas Oil Stadium, I'm sure. 

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30 Years of Star Wars Roleplaying Games at Gen Con

With Gen Con 50's advance event schedule going live and wish lists available, I'm happy to announce the "30 Years of Star Wars Roleplaying Games" event, with myself, Sam Stewart of Fantasy Flight Games, and Bill Slavicsek formerly of West End Games and Wizards of the Coast.

Fantasy Flight Games is generously sponsoring the event. It is part retrospective, part panel discussion about 30 years worth of roleplaying in a galaxy far, far away across multiple companies and game systems, featuring some of the designers involved. 

Join us at GenCon on Saturday 8/19/17 in Westin Capitol III at 5:00pm (Gen Con Game ID SEM17112485).

Things are still developing, so click here for the latest updates. 

Star Wars Wednesday - Rogue WEG

Something has become clear in the weeks since the Rogue One release: it provided a major opportunity for a great intersection of new work and old surrounding the classic trilogy (and beyond). It has inspired official, unofficial, and fan material from books to art to games. Not coincidentally, there are obvious and not-so obvious connections to West End Games Star Wars RPG.

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Star Wars Wednesday - West End Style...Guides

So, last week turned into another one of those unexpected travel weeks that crop up with my day job every so often. While I had been looking forward to trying to post from the road to the new website, in the end I had too little time and energy to do so. Posting to the old site from the road was always challenging. It was possible to do it from a phone or a tablet, but not easy. My web service theoretically had an app for blog posts, but in reality all it really did was accept drafts and refuse to actually post them live to the site. In theory the new site also has such an app, but let's say the reviews haven't been encouraging.

With the travel, I'm behind on Rebels, so I will catch up on that later this evening. Yesterday, however, Pablo Hidalgo came to my blogging rescue with images from the old West End Games Star Wars style guide. It truly was a great document for both Star Wars and RPG design advice. I still have my copy… Somewhere. As I just found out, somewhere is the key word. I was going to crack it open and share a couple of thoughts of my own. While rifling through my files, I found a similar document that was much shorter, as it was focused on writing for the game in general, rather than a full-blown style guide.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Maps of Mastery Stats

Quite awhile back....like several years ago....I posted some Star Wars RPG ship and vehicle stats for some of Christopher West's Maps of Mastery sci-fi maps. First in Star Wars RPG d20 Saga Edition stats, then a few in Saga and West End Games d6 when the RPG license was between companies. They are still on the site, and have remained reasonably popular. I've been wanting to do an update for the Star Wars Edge of the Empire / Age of Rebellion / Force and Destiny RPGs for the longest time, and never could seem to find the time.

Well, now I have.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Convention Season 1995...2015

The summer convention season is in full swing now. At this point, everyone has heard the San Diego Comic Con news and its fantastic secret Star Wars concert. I caught the panel and more online, while working on my own events for several upcoming conventions. It was fun, catching the great behind the scenes reel from the con, followed up by a random retweet that unexpectedly served up a (presumably) bootleg periscope feed of the concert itself. I actually missed a fair amount but managed to catch the fireworks finale in all of its wobbly grainy phone-camera streaming video glory. So on with the shows....
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Star Wars Wednesday - Rebel Eras

This week, the longest Star Wars Rebels clip yet appeared on Disney XP...XD (yeah, I think I'm going to make that typo regularly). Fortunately, it is also online for those of us who got distracted doing something else at the time. It is said that the show will cover the beginnings of the Rebellion, or something to that effect. Having written the Rebellion history section in FFG's Age of Rebellion and Wizard of the Coasts' Rebellion Era Sourcebook, I'll be watching with interest to see how things go this time around. 
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Star Wars Wednesday - SDCC Everywhere

As expected, San Diego ComicCon had a lot of Star Wars announcements. Perhaps less expected on my part was the overall number of Star Wars related panels and the detail coming out of some of them. It seemed to be a never ending stream of news and material on my Twitter feed, and not just because I follow several Star Wars related accounts. This week also brought on new previews from FFG for the RPGs and X-Wing.
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