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DMs Day Sale at DMs Guild & DriveThruRPG

The rather inaccurately named DMs Day Sale at Dungeon Masters Guild and Drive Thru RPG is on, and runs thru March 11th (so, DMs Week). Most of my offerings are available at a discount. If you use the links below or on my Storefront page to purchase items, I get also a small affiliate credit. Thanks. 


As a side note, I just realized that The Game Mechanics pdfs are no longer available.

The Last Parsec: Pranac Pursuit Now Available on Fantasy Grounds

I'm pleased to announce that Pranac Pursuit, my adventure for The Last Parsec setting for the Savage Worlds roleplaying game is now available on Fantasy Grounds (The Virtual Tabletop for Pen and Paper Roleplaying Games). Pranac Pursuit joins four other Last Parsec titles already available on Fantasy Grounds. The adventure requires the Savage Worlds core rules and the Science Fiction Companion Setting rules (but not The Last Parsec core setting rules). 

I converted the adventure to Fantasy Grounds myself. It includes all of the text, art, and maps originally provided in the PDF version, plus new tokens for the NPCs. Encounters are linked to the text, and the maps have pins linked to each encounter or other elements on the map. There are screenshots in the Fantasy Grounds catalog listing.

This is my second Fantasy Grounds conversion, the first being my D&D 5e Adventurers League adventure, Drums in the Marsh (Tyranny of Dragons story line). It is available on DMs Guild, where it recently achieved Platinum Best Seller status. 

Star Wars Wednesday - A Big Map Game

Last weekend's Midwest GameFest was a success. The new venue and setup worked well, and though there are always things to improve upon, it went very well. I kept very busy, as I was slated to do something every slot. It didn't always happen - they had the D&D Adventurers League tables covered so I didn't end up running AL. That wasn't a bad thing, though, since I was still putting aspects of my other games together. I'd been derailed by work, a freelance deadline, and the Royals great playoff run. I ran a session of Numenera, a couple of Savage Worlds The Last Parsec, and a couple of different Star Wars RPG adventures. I also participated in a couple of panels and wrapped up with an Aethercon panel on Sunday. More on that later. For the Star Wars RPG games, though, I tried a few new ideas...
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Star Wars Wednesday - It is Your Destiny

It may or may not have hit stores just yet - these releases tend to be a bit nebulous - but it exists, and here's my copy that arrived Tuesday. The Star Wars Force and Destiny RPG Core Rulebook is (almost) now available (probably). I had a great time on this. It it the third of the 3 core rulebooks, and I'm happy to have been involved in all three, and many other FFG Star Wars products over the past several years. 
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Star Wars Wednesday - Planet Comicon 2015

Planet Comicon was very successful again this year. The crowd control was better. The main hall probably had more than last year (hard to tell), and the main stage was a huge upgrade in size and atmosphere. There was plenty of Star Wars, and the light saber dealer appeared to clean up, given the number of sabers seen around the con. The 501st, Rebel Legion, and other groups were attended, complete with photo-op dioramas and even a mock up of a Rebel snowspeeder.
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Star Wars Wednesday - A Week of Announcements

It's been quite a week so far, and it's only Wednesday, and there is much more to come. It's one of those times when the stars align and bunch of stuff is announced at once. Also, I'm really glad I didn't get a chance to write this last night, given that one of the announcements is today. So what's up? A released adventure, a new announced title, and I'll be at a convention this weekend and next. Fun times. 
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Pranac Pursuit Releases to Kickstarter Backers

Tonight, Pinnacle Entertainment Group released my adventure Pranac Pursuit for the Savage Worlds RPG setting The Last Parsec to last year's kickstarter backers. It looks great. 

As members of Jumpcorp, your team is assigned to find out what happened to a Jumpcorp scout ship that went missing months ago in the unexplored Pranac star system. It's a sci-fi exploration adventure complete with new aliens and unexpected happenings. 


Star Wars Wednesday - KCGF 2014

Sorry about yet another short hiatus. Travel, deadlines, cons, work...more or less the usual culprits. Last week was KC Game Fair, which I while I did get out some news about what I'd be running, I didn't get it posted here. Unlike past years, I had very little to do with convention planning this time, but I did sign up to run games almost every slot. Just one of those years I didn't want to leave anything out. 
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Star Wars Wednesday - A Royal Delay

This week's excuse for a late post is pretty local MLB team, the Kansas City Royals, made the postseason for the first time in 29 years. Its more than a bit distracting at the moment - and they are winning so far, and had a weird but awesome game to start it all off. I thought about skipping the post at this point, but it's the debut of Star Wars Rebels tonight, and as you may have guessed, I am already a big fan of the show. So here are another quick few items that I would have normally expanded on.
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The Last Parsec Kickstarter Launch

The Last Parsec Savage Worlds RPG setting kickstarter took off to a fantastic start yesterday.  It funded in an hour. It is blazing thru stretch goals, which is great because at the 40k level, the backers get my adventure, Pranac Pursuit. The setting is sci-fi exploration, partly inspired in style by the old Star Frontiers RPG. Jump in to Jumpcorp today!