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Star Wars Wednesday - Planet Comicon 2019 - 20th Anniversary

Planet Comicon in Kansas City celebrated its 20th year. I’ve been to quite a few over the years, including their previous location in Overland Park, Kansas before they moved into the more central and much larger Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The new location coincided with a great increase in scale and attendance, and this year continued that trend. There was the typical collection of artists, writers, media guests, and cosplayers. They also brought in several Star Wars related guests, as they often do.

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Star Wars RPG Dawn of Rebellion Announced

Today, Fantasy Flight Games announced a new type of product for the Star Wars RPGs line. Star Wars Dawn of Rebellion is an Era sourcebook, the first RPG book for use with any of the three Star Wars RPG game lines - Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and/or Force and Destiny. It features the Rebels TV show and Rouge One. I'm one of the writers. It's a fourth quarter 2017 release. 

Star Wars Wednesday - Rebels and Rogues

Rebels and Rogues...I feel like that would make a good title for something beyond a blog post. In any case, this week includes a few thoughts about how Rogue One and Rebels reveals details about the state of the Rebel Alliance, and how that might impact RPG sessions. Then I'll switch gears and note a few things about the rapidly approaching 2017 convention season.

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Star Wars Wednesday - A New Title and More

Star Wars Episode VIII officially has the title of The Last Jedi, and an ominous red logo. The last red logo was for Revenge of the Sith. Interestingly, the new movie's title was buried in the opening crawl of the previous episode, so I imagine the episode 8 crawl will be scrutinized closely. Quite a bit going on this week...

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Star Wars Wednesday - More Rogue One

Rogue One continues to draw, and I'm hearing quite a few positive comments from some I wasn't sure would be into the movie. Because of my association with Star Wars, a lot of people want to get my opinion, share their opinion, or both. At first, most didn't want to hear too much, but wanted to know basically if it was good. After they saw it, then the comments and questions really started rolling. No one has said they dislike it, and a few have called it their favorite (for now). 

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Star Wars Wednesday - Reading and Listening

One thing about missing weeks on the blog, there's now so much new Star Wars being released, it's easy to get behind. Not that I try and talk about everything that is released, obviously, but often like to hit the highlights. With the new season of Rebels up and running, new books and new comics recently announced, I look at the growing stack of books on the shelf and think I've got to find some time somewhere to fit some more reading in.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Nexus GamerNation Con

There is a lot going on this week. I just finished watching the season finale of Rebels, so I will not be talking about that today. I mean, Rebels Recon has an even been posted yet. Suffice to say that you probably don't want to put off watching this one. Nexus of Power arrived so I will be talking a bit about that. I'll be putting it to good use this weekend at GamerNation Con, run by d20 Radio and the Order 66 podcast. And, just because I don't have enough to do between work and the convention and getting ready for the convention, I'll be making an appearance on a new (for me) podcast. I don't think they record it with a live audience, so I will post the link when it's available.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Future Power

"Always in motion is the future." - Yoda

It is always interesting to see how a product I've worked on fits into the ever developing Star Wars universe. Nexus of Power for Force and Destiny is now listed as shipping on the FFG website, meaning it will be arriving relatively soon. Actually, Special Modifications for Edge of the Empire is also about to arrive, but that's another story. I'm going to touch on recent Rebels episodes, so spoiler alert

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