Star Wars Wednesday - More SW Minis Resources

While it's been over a year since the end of the Star Wars game lines (and no new rumors I'm aware of, for those who have been asking), fans of the Minis game are working hard to keep it going. If you know where to look, there are new maps to be found, new scenarios, podcasts and even new virtual sets. I've posted some links before, but became aware of some I'd missed so I wanted to pass them along. Plus there are some GenCon and pre GenCon items some might find useful before the show in August. 
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Star Wars Wednesday - Backyard Hoth

So, I'm a few hours early, but here we go. Today was a snowday for most anyone here in the midwest, thanks to the snowmageddon/snowpocolypse/etc/etc/etc dumping massive amounts of snow, closing interstates, and shutting down anywhere people would want to go today. I could go on about how the latest Clone Wars episode is very interesting and I'm looking forward to the how this develops and oh by the way Sam Witwer was in on the epsiode and so forth...but instead, I give you this, from my backyard:
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Star Wars Wednesday - SW Tabletop Gaming Resources

With no official Star Wars RPG or Minis material in the foreseeable future, it's time once again to highlight some of the fan sites working to keep the games alive. Some of these sites have been around a very long time. Most cater to a specific segment of the Star Wars gaming audience – d6, d20, Saga, Minis and so on. Some sites contain brand new fan-generated material, while others serve as discussion areas or indexes for existing work. A few store FAQs and other information released for free from official sources that are no longer available. Some of these are old sites at new locations, so if you've lost an old favorite, you might find it here.
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Star Wars Wednesday - Assault on Intran

As many of you probably know, I wrote a ton of official scenarios for the Star Wars Miniatures game during its run. Scenarios are a different way of playing the game, and creating them demands a lot of attention to play and squad balance. Large scale scenrios were difficult to do, as they required a lot more time to test and many more pieces than the casual fan might have. Some were successful as multiple scenarios at built on each other. As such, I wasn't ever able to create and test a large scale battle. With the KC Game Fair approaching, I decided to finally run a big battle.
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Star Wars Wednesday - Delusions of Grandeur No. 200

This is post number 200 for my blog at starwars.com, Delusions of Grandeur. I first started blogging on starwars.com back in 2005, and in the intervening time, I've covered a lot of ground. When I first started, it was early in the Star Wars Miniatures game run, and I was producing scenarios for the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars website. Many of my early posts covered Star Wars in a broad, general sense. Posts about the music, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords, and so on.
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SW Minis - Assault on Intran

Among the games I'll be running at this year's KC Game Fair / Shauncon is a large scale Star Wars Minis battle. However, you don't have to attend to participate - you can play one of the skirmishes leading up to the battle, and send me the results, which will impact aspects of the convention game. Click here for details.

GenCon: Star Wars Saga Edition Retrospective

For those Star Wars Saga Edition (and Minis) fans attending GenCon this year: I'll be participating in an unofficial (i.e., non-Wizards of the Coast) seminar focusing on those games, along with Saga Edition editor/developer Gary Sarli and likely others involved in the game system. Attendees can sign up on the GenCon site. The seminar itself is free.

Game ID:  SEM1013330
Gaming Group/Company: GMSarli Games
Title: Star Wars Saga Edition Retrospective
Description: Game professionals who worked on the Star Wars Roleplaying Game: Saga Edition take a look back at the product line, sharing their experiences and what they learned from their work.
Start Date & Time:  08/05/2010 02:00:00 PM
Duration: 2 hours
Location: Marriott : Indiana Blrm B 

Minis Mayham 42 - Life, the Universe, and Scenarios!

Last week, I was a guest on Minis Mayham #42 podcast, where we discussed 8 scenarios entered into their first scenario contest, and they announced the winner. With one exception, I played through all of the scenarios multiple times. They were very creative and fun. On the podcast we discuss their strengths and weaknesses, presentation and balance. Good stuff for scenario designers to consider. At some point, I think they will post the scenarios to their forums.

Each used Christopher West's excellent Maps of Mastery maps, available at his website. This was the first time I'd used Chris' maps in play, and they are equal to his official Star Wars minis maps. For those who don't know, Chris was the artist on all except one of the official maps over the years. His Maps of Mastery releases are just as easy to use, but lack any official Star Wars images. They're good for both minis and any sci-fi RPG.

WotC Star Wars Site is gone...

It's the end of a long era: the Wizards of the Coast official Star Wars site is now gone, as the license reaches its end. Some articles and content will reappear on their forums, which will remain active. Follow this link for more info. 

Personally, I've been a regular contributor to the site since I started creating scenarios for the Star Wars Miniatures game in 2004. However, my first work actually appeared before then, when Wizards updated my Star Wars RPG adventure Talnar's Rescue from the original core rules to the revised core rules and posted for free. The adventure originally appeared in the short lived Star Wars Gamer magazine.

With the site shutdown, you may see a number of broken links here on my site - most notably those in the Star Wars Minis scenarios list. It may be awhile before I attend to all of those.