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Star Wars Rise of the Separatists Announced

Fantasy Flight Games announced the latest Era sourcebook for the Star Wars RPGs: Rise of the Separatists. It brings the Clone Wars and specifically The Clone Wars animated series to the RPG, and can be used with any or all of the existing core rulebooks. I worked on the product. It features, for the first time, the Jedi career, as well as clone specific careers. As usual, it also features four new species, and other era specific resources.

Star Wars Wednesday - Future Power

"Always in motion is the future." - Yoda

It is always interesting to see how a product I've worked on fits into the ever developing Star Wars universe. Nexus of Power for Force and Destiny is now listed as shipping on the FFG website, meaning it will be arriving relatively soon. Actually, Special Modifications for Edge of the Empire is also about to arrive, but that's another story. I'm going to touch on recent Rebels episodes, so spoiler alert

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Star Wars Wednesday - Star Wars Days

Monday was the increasingly popular Star Wars day, or May the Fourth Be with You. I tend to think a day later in May is more suitable, but a terrible pun is amusing and memorable, so most seem to be running with it. Sometimes, it seems like everyone is trying to get in on the action - a point made on Monday's @midnight show on Comedy Central. Lots of deals and a few really good announcements. And Celebration news and stories keep surfacing, especially now that more videos are hitting the internet. 


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Star Wars Wednesday - Target Acquired

With the holidays, and New Years Eve falling on Wednesday, I didn't get around to a last grab bag post of the year this time. I am trying to kick off 2015 on schedule, though. We'll see how long that lasts. 2014 was a great year for Star Wars, and 2015 appears to be even better. It got off to a great start with the return of Star Wars Rebels, and one of the best episodes yet. Even better, it opens up some new ideas for the RPG. Spoiler warning for the episode on this one - but I'm putting those observations at the very end of this entry with a wide gap in between so those that don't want to see it can read the rest of the post. Things like a few comments on Stay on Target. Happy New Year!
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Star Wars Wednesday - Blue Milk

Exciting times around town. The Kansas City Royals are on a fantastic, incredible, and fun streak through the postseason....and as of tonight are American League Champions. Still getting used to that, it's been a long time (as those who watched any part of any of the playoff series would know because it seemed the broadcasters said it about every three minutes). Between that and some writing, I've fallen a bit behind on the Stars Wars front this week...but I have a couple of things.
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Star Wars Wednesday - A Royal Delay

This week's excuse for a late post is pretty local MLB team, the Kansas City Royals, made the postseason for the first time in 29 years. Its more than a bit distracting at the moment - and they are winning so far, and had a weird but awesome game to start it all off. I thought about skipping the post at this point, but it's the debut of Star Wars Rebels tonight, and as you may have guessed, I am already a big fan of the show. So here are another quick few items that I would have normally expanded on.
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