Guest at Midwest GameFest This Weekend


I’ll be one of the special guests at Midwest GameFest this weekend November 1st thru the 4th in Independence, MO (Kansas City metro area). I’ll be running Star Wars RPGs, as well as a little Savage Worlds Flash Gordon, Numenera, and the latest version of Paranoia. I’m also hosting seminars on writing RPGs and cartography. Preregistration event sign up has passed, but there are still plenty of space available to sign up on site. Click here for events and schedules.

Star Wars Wednesday - KCGF X-Wing Trench Run

Last weekend was KC Game Fair, the local Kansas City gaming convention I help organize via the Roleplayers Guild of Kansas City, Ltd. We had a good turnout, and everyone seemed to have a good time. This year, I ran three rounds of the Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beta RPG, and two rounds of X-Wing Miniatures, using the Death Star Trench Run scenario by Dagobah Dave. I'll look at the RPG next week. This week, it's all X-wing.
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Star Wars Wednesday - Wookiees & Darths

This past week saw the running of the 2011 KC Game Fair. Though not as large as last year's version (nor was it expected to be, as last year was a bit unique), a lot of gamers had a good time, and a lot of money was raised for Harvesters along the way (though that isn't the focus of the con, Harvesters has been our charity of choice for years for donations raised at the con, with Toys for Tots a more recent addition).

As usual, I ran Star Wars Saga Edition a couple of times

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Star Wars Wednesday - 3,720 to 1

For years...say almost 20 now...I've run Star Wars RPGs at local gaming conventions and at GenCon. It is how I started writing RPG material in the first place. More on that in a future post. Since I started working on Saga Edition, I've used the convention adventures to highlight the latest books and my most recent publications. Once the end of the Saga Edition line was announced, I intended to make a few of these adventures available for free for others to use.
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KC Game Fair wrapup

KC Game Fair was this weekend and we had a fantastic turnout and a big boost in attendence, with hundreds of players over 4 days. There were as many people playing Saturday afternoon as there were the entire convention last year. We had RPGs, minis and wargames, boardgaems, LARPs, dealers and guests. Thanks to everyone who came out to play and help out. It was a great weekend of gaming.

SW Minis - Assault on Intran

Among the games I'll be running at this year's KC Game Fair / Shauncon is a large scale Star Wars Minis battle. However, you don't have to attend to participate - you can play one of the skirmishes leading up to the battle, and send me the results, which will impact aspects of the convention game. Click here for details.