Star Wars Wednesday - Preview and....post view?

It’s November, which always brings a convention and often an end of the year project or two, and this year is no exception. There usually seems to be one or more previews of upcoming or soon to be released works, and that too is on schedule.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Ghosts of Star Wars Past

Star Wars Wednesday - Ghosts of Star Wars Past

So, the title mixes the holidays a bit. and this being Halloween, there should be some sort of spookiness going on around here. Except I’ve already used my semi-decent Star Wars Halloween stories long ago, and don’t have anything new… But there are a couple of other things, and I’ve really missed too many weeks in a row…

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Guest at Midwest GameFest This Weekend


I’ll be one of the special guests at Midwest GameFest this weekend November 1st thru the 4th in Independence, MO (Kansas City metro area). I’ll be running Star Wars RPGs, as well as a little Savage Worlds Flash Gordon, Numenera, and the latest version of Paranoia. I’m also hosting seminars on writing RPGs and cartography. Preregistration event sign up has passed, but there are still plenty of space available to sign up on site. Click here for events and schedules.

Star Wars Wednesday - Reading and Listening

One thing about missing weeks on the blog, there's now so much new Star Wars being released, it's easy to get behind. Not that I try and talk about everything that is released, obviously, but often like to hit the highlights. With the new season of Rebels up and running, new books and new comics recently announced, I look at the growing stack of books on the shelf and think I've got to find some time somewhere to fit some more reading in.

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Star Wars Wednesday - A Big Map Game

Last weekend's Midwest GameFest was a success. The new venue and setup worked well, and though there are always things to improve upon, it went very well. I kept very busy, as I was slated to do something every slot. It didn't always happen - they had the D&D Adventurers League tables covered so I didn't end up running AL. That wasn't a bad thing, though, since I was still putting aspects of my other games together. I'd been derailed by work, a freelance deadline, and the Royals great playoff run. I ran a session of Numenera, a couple of Savage Worlds The Last Parsec, and a couple of different Star Wars RPG adventures. I also participated in a couple of panels and wrapped up with an Aethercon panel on Sunday. More on that later. For the Star Wars RPG games, though, I tried a few new ideas...
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Star Wars Wednesday - Game On

OK, so I'm writing this during Game 2 of the World Series, so it will be brief. How so? I started to do this after the 1st inning. It's now the start of the fifth and here we are still at the intro. After Jason Fry's visit a few weeks ago, it has turned out that its the Royals vs Mets, so both of our twitter feeds have more than a little baseball right now. The Royals won last night in an epic 14 inning game. The Mets are up at the moment by one run. Beyond these games, it has been a week for Star Wars gaming as well. 
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Star Wars Wednesday - Using Maps

Maps are great tools for RPGs, both in play and as sources of inspiration. Following on from last week's Maps of Mastery Stats post, here are a few ways to use those maps in RPGs. As it happens, Fantasy Flight Games posted a new preview of Star Wars Age of Rebellion Strongholds of Resistance, highlighting Rebel bases in the book. I had a great time with that section.

Deck plans and bases are among the more common map types in Star Wars games, so both make good starting points for map based adventures or encounters. Maps can be great sources of inspiration.

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Midwest GameFest 2015

I'll be a guest at the new Midwest GameFest in November in Overland Park, KS (Kansas City metro area). I'll be running games, of course. My schedule is yet to be determined, but it will include Star Wars RPGs, The Last Parsec (Savage Worlds), and likely a couple of others depending on a few other factors, mostly time. D&D and Numenera are high on the list. 

There is an ongoing kickstarter with a few days left for those interested in getting a bit of a deal on pricing and swag. There are still stretch goals to meet.