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30 Years of Star Wars Roleplaying Games at Gen Con

With Gen Con 50's advance event schedule going live and wish lists available, I'm happy to announce the "30 Years of Star Wars Roleplaying Games" event, with myself, Sam Stewart of Fantasy Flight Games, and Bill Slavicsek formerly of West End Games and Wizards of the Coast.

Fantasy Flight Games is generously sponsoring the event. It is part retrospective, part panel discussion about 30 years worth of roleplaying in a galaxy far, far away across multiple companies and game systems, featuring some of the designers involved. 

Join us at GenCon on Saturday 8/19/17 in Westin Capitol III at 5:00pm (Gen Con Game ID SEM17112485).

Things are still developing, so click here for the latest updates. 

Star Wars Wednesday - May the 4th and More

Saturday is May the 4th, and if you haven't run across a ton of May the 4th be with You references, you probably haven't been anywhere near a Star Wars site for the past week or so. There appears to be a lot going on, and seems like there might be some surprises in store...but who knows for sure. Anyway, last week was pretty light in the blog, so I thought I'd make for it this week with a wide range of stuff...
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Star Wars Wednesday - Convention Games

This past weekend, I attended KantCon, in the Kansas City area. I wasn't sure of my schedule beforehand, so I went as a player, not a gamemaster. I carted along a couple of games in case I needed to run a pick up game of something, but my goal was to play more than run this time around. I've talked a lot about creating adventures for cons the past few weeks. This time I want to talk a bit about the logistics of playing and running in an event, with this fresh in my mind.
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Star Wars Wednesday - On the Other Side of the Galaxy

Sometimes I wonder just how many people have been involved in creating the vast Star Wars universe we know now. The sheer number of writers, artists, model makers, costume designers, sound editors, CGI artists, game designers, musicians and more is just staggering. Sometime after they move on to other things, we as fans and creators eventually wonder what they're up to now.

Last week, an old RPG name resurfaced in an interview in the first issue of D6 Magazine - Bill Smith

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