Genesys RPG Now Available!

Genesys, The Roleplaying Game for All Settings is now available! This game takes the narrative dice system used in Star Wars Edge of the Empire/Age of Rebellion/Force and Destiny and builds on it to provide a system adaptable to any genre and setting. Magic, superheroes, high tech, sci-fi, horror and more are all possible using just the core rulebook. A few example settings featuring some of Fantasy Flight Games' universes are included as examples and for use for those who want to dive right in - such as Android and Runebound.

I worked on the Build an Adventure section and most of the Tones section (but not those used in this preview). Build an Adventure is pretty straightforward advice on constructing adventures. Tones are layered on to settings. Android is a hard sci-fi setting, but it supports a variety of tones, such as mystery, drama, or horror. Other settings might match up with certain tones very well - such as space opera with a pulp tone. Tones also feature special rules to play up their importance and style of play. The Cliffhanger rule I worked up for the Pulp section is my favorite.

The core rulebook is now available, along with the Genesys Roleplaying Dice and the Genesys Dice android and ios apps. Note that the Genesys dice names and symbol names remain the same as the Star Wars dice, but the Genesys dice use different symbols (though they look similar to the Star Wars dice symbols).

You can download the PDF character sheet here, and the Gen Con 50 preview adventure here.

Update: Now available in PDF at DriveThruRPG.

Star Wars Wednesday - Gen Con 50

Gen Con 50 was last week, and with it came a couple of announcements. One I should have covered here before the show, but had issues trying to use a mobile app to update the blog. I eventually just had to give up. The convention was fun. It was also sold out at 60,000 unique badges and over 200,000 visitors, however that is calculated. It felt more crowded at times, but not as overwhelming as it might have been. Part of that was expanding into Lucas Oil Stadium, I'm sure. 

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Pablo Hidalgo Joins the 30 Years of Star Wars RPGs Gen Con panel

I'm very pleased to announce that Pablo Hidalgo of the Star Wars story group will be joining Bill Slavicsek, Sam Stewart, and myself for the 30 Years of Star Wars RPGs panel at Gen Con 50 this August. Pablo has become well known to Star Wars fans thanks to his many years at Lucasfilm working and interacting on the Star Wars website, the story group, books, and for taking listener questions on The Star Wars Show. Before all of that, Pablo was a freelancer for West End Games' The Star Wars RPG and Adventure Journal

Also, Gen Con has made another 200 tickets available for this event, so if you couldn't get a ticket earlier, try again. No change in time or location. 

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30 Years of Star Wars Roleplaying Games at Gen Con

With Gen Con 50's advance event schedule going live and wish lists available, I'm happy to announce the "30 Years of Star Wars Roleplaying Games" event, with myself, Sam Stewart of Fantasy Flight Games, and Bill Slavicsek formerly of West End Games and Wizards of the Coast.

Fantasy Flight Games is generously sponsoring the event. It is part retrospective, part panel discussion about 30 years worth of roleplaying in a galaxy far, far away across multiple companies and game systems, featuring some of the designers involved. 

Join us at GenCon on Saturday 8/19/17 in Westin Capitol III at 5:00pm (Gen Con Game ID SEM17112485).

Things are still developing, so click here for the latest updates. 

Star Wars Wednesday - Gen Con 2016

Star Wars Wednesday - Gen Con 2016

Last week brought another successful Gen Con, with around 60,000 gamers packing the convention center and surrounding hotels in downtown Indianapolis. The dealer hall expanded yet again, and the show extended all the way into Lucas Oil Stadium. Despite some early concerns, I got through without straining an Achilles tendon, though I did cut down on the walking some. Fantasy Flight Games that several major Star Wars boardgame and card game announcements. My product Age of Rebellion Forged in Battle was released at the show, and should be available in stores soon if not already.

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Star Wars Wednesday - KCCC and Star Wars Day at the K

This past weekend wrapped up the busiest and most condensed span of conventions I've ever dealt with. It was fun, but hectic. Kantcon followed by GenCon followed by Kansas City Comic Con and wrapping up with Star Wars Day at the K (Kaufman Stadium, home to the Royals MLB team).  I ran three different Star Wars RPG adventures in seven sessions, The Last Parsec twice, and D&D 5e twice (plus one non-convention session). 
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Star Wars Wednesday - Convention Season 1995...2015

The summer convention season is in full swing now. At this point, everyone has heard the San Diego Comic Con news and its fantastic secret Star Wars concert. I caught the panel and more online, while working on my own events for several upcoming conventions. It was fun, catching the great behind the scenes reel from the con, followed up by a random retweet that unexpectedly served up a (presumably) bootleg periscope feed of the concert itself. I actually missed a fair amount but managed to catch the fireworks finale in all of its wobbly grainy phone-camera streaming video glory. So on with the shows....
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Star Wars Wednesday - Plans? What Plans?

With game days and other events coming up in the next few months, it's time for me to wrangle a few Star Wars convention adventures together. Rather, it's time for me to start pulling things together in order to hopefully avoid the last-minute rush putting characters or other items together. This and other upcoming posts will include a variety of thoughts about how I assemble, adapt, and hopefully improve on previous events. They'll include some combination of convention adventure design thoughts, how the game looks and works at the table, and how I often prepare my own gamemaster notes. Some posts will be longer than others, depending on how much time I've been able to spend in a particular week.
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Star Wars Wednesday - GenCon 2014

Last week was GenCon 2014. As usual, I didn't have time to post, or even the time to prepare a post beforehand. It was a fantastic convention, and record setting at 56,614 attendees, up from last year's 49,000 or so. The dealer hall was even bigger than past years, and I had the least amount of time to see it this year. I had few things going on, and a few things were announced...
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Star Wars Wednesday - GenCon 2013

GenCon Game Fair was a great time once again this year. As usual, new games, new releases, news, previews and more filled the Indianapolis convention center and surrounding hotels. GenCon reported today that there were nearly 50,000 unique attendees, up 20% from last year. So it's big and only getting bigger. Every type of tabletop game seemed to be represented, and there were a lot of board games this year. Clothing booths seemed to expand over past versions, usually with some sort of fantasy or steampunk focus, if not T-Shirts. At least two booths featured quality looking fezzes with logos or art on them, most likely thanks to Dr. Who. Several former kickstarter projects and games also appeared on the show floor.

And, of course, there was the Star Wars gaming news and releases...

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Beyond the Rim Released...and sold GenCon

My Star Wars Edge of the Empire adventure Beyond the Rim released at GenCon on Thursday...and sold out sometime Friday afternoon!

FFG announced at the InFlight Report that it should reach stores in 3-4 weeks.

The new beta for the next core book, Age of Rebellion was also released. I worked on that as well, but most of my contribution isn't in the beta.

More on all of this coming in this week's Star Wars Wednesday blog post.

Realms Works Beta Map

I've added an excerpt of the fantasy world map used in the Realms Works beta test to my online portfolio. Realms Works is a new tabletop roleplaying game computer utility program that helps gamemasters organize their campaings. A demo of the beta was shown at GenCon this year.

More information on the product can be found here, at Lone Wolf Development. they are best known for the popular Hero Lab RPG characater creation software, used by many popular tabletop RPGs.

Star Wars Wednesday - SWRPG: Edge of the Empire Beta Announced!

FFG Demo at their booth at GenConGenCon proved to be even more exciting than I anticipated. I was reasonably sure that the new Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight Games would be announced - something I was greatly looking forward to because I'm one of the writer/developers on the product. Having been under a non-disclosure agreement, I couldn't say a word throughout the process.

Prior to the announcement, FFG hung a black banner over one of their Star Wars banners, with a sign that said something along the lines of "new game to be announced at the In-Flight Report," which is their product seminar. The seminar room was very full. FFG walked through their various product lines, production updates and the occasional question. Once they got to the end, they had "one more thing" and announced three Star Wars RPG core rulebooks, each a standalone game.

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