Star Wars Wednesday - Sizing Things Up

With the never ending run of new Star Wars films, TV shows, books, games, and comics, it's always been easy to fall behind. Add in work, freelance, or whatever else is going on, and the stack of reading material can really, um, stack up. I managed to make some significant headway the last few months. In a probably futile effort to dig out my office, I've added some new shelves for the ever-expanding collection of games and books. That's prompted me to look more closely at a few items that have been under a few layers of more stuff, before putting them on the shelf for the time being.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Infographics

Infographics seem to be all the rage on the internet. They're great ways to distill facts or data (accurate or otherwise) down to an easily understandable image that highlights the point the creator is trying to get across. A new, or rather, a rediscovered series of Star Wars related infographics began making the rounds recently. It reminded me of some of past versions and put me on the hunt for others.
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Star Wars Wednesday - Humor and Art

It's been one of those weeks where an disparate collection of news came to my attention from my inbox, twitter feed, facebook, email and somewhere else I'm likely forgetting at the moment. Anyway, I could split this up into two posts, but really, I'm just going to plunge ahead like a speederbike through the trees.  BETWEEN. BETWEEN the trees.
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