Star Wars Wednesday - Sizing Things Up

With the never ending run of new Star Wars films, TV shows, books, games, and comics, it's always been easy to fall behind. Add in work, freelance, or whatever else is going on, and the stack of reading material can really, um, stack up. I managed to make some significant headway the last few months. In a probably futile effort to dig out my office, I've added some new shelves for the ever-expanding collection of games and books. That's prompted me to look more closely at a few items that have been under a few layers of more stuff, before putting them on the shelf for the time being.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Star Wars Days

Monday was the increasingly popular Star Wars day, or May the Fourth Be with You. I tend to think a day later in May is more suitable, but a terrible pun is amusing and memorable, so most seem to be running with it. Sometimes, it seems like everyone is trying to get in on the action - a point made on Monday's @midnight show on Comedy Central. Lots of deals and a few really good announcements. And Celebration news and stories keep surfacing, especially now that more videos are hitting the internet. 


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Star Wars Wednesday - Celebration Anaheim 2015, Part 1

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim was fantastic. It certainly had a seemingly never-ending stream of announcements and news, starting off with a bang with the new Star Wars Episode VII trailer. It's as big or a bigger hit around the world as it was at the show. But, Celebration had far more than that. For starters, it sold out 4 day tickets, Saturday, and Sunday tickets. 
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Star Wars Wednesday - Rebellion Day Rebels

Star Wars is steadily gearing up on all fronts. Fantasy Flight Games announced the Rebellion Day store event for Age of Rebellion. JJ Abrams released a new Episode VII sneak peek. A new Rebels trailer arrived. Next week I'll likely be talking about whatever news comes out of San Diego Comic Con. New and old games keep rolling along as well. I played Star Wars Miniatures for the first time in roughly forever, followed up by a couple of Star Wars Age of Rebellion Beginner Game sessions at Kantcon this past weekend.
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Star Wars Wednesday - Blue Ghost of Star Wars' Future

So, today's* astonishing news can be summed up in about 6 words:

Disney buys Lucasfilm. Seven. Eight. Nine.

By luck I seemed to catch the front end of the explosion that became my twitter feed. While still in the...wait, what? stage, confirmation tweets from Pablo Hidalgo and Leland Chee scrolled past and the race was on to learn what I could from work. I finally caught up on the rest after the work day was through, but for me, a lot of the news came through the various tweets from my main Star Wars sources and their retweets.

"This is where the fun begins." As they say.

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