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Star Wars Wednesday - Star Wars Celebration Chicago 2019

It has been a very busy couple of months, with a job change and a trio of consecutive conventions consuming my time. I hope to catch up here over the next few weeks. I’ll be working in reverse order, with this week covering the just completed Star Wars Celebration Chicago, next week discussing Gamer Nation Con 6, and finally Planet Comicon 2019. So, on with Celebration…

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Star Wars Wednesday - A long time ago, in a theatre rather far away

May 25th was, of course, the release date for Star Wars. Among those who were reminiscing this week was one who posted a newspaper ad from his home town...which received the movie several months after opening. That got me thinking about seeing Star Wars for the first time. I've tried in the past to try to pin down, more or less, when I went to see it. With the help of the rabbit hole that is the internet plus myself and others' hazy memories, I thought I'd take another shot....
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Star Wars Wednesday - Music Universes

Back from another KC Game Fair. I had a good time. I intend to post some of the adventure information and possibly the characters I used for The Sabacc Incident, but given that it is more of an outline than fleshed out, ready to run adventure, it will likely take awhile to get it better organized.

This week, the music of and in Star Wars has appeared in a couple of places. I've heard the music of the movies, Clone Wars and Shadows of the Empire over and over for years. As I've said before, for me, the original Star Wars soundtrack was a stand-in for the movie itself in the days before VCRs and video.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Planet Comicon

This past weekend was Planet Comicon weekend here in Kansas City. The convention has been around for many years, and I've posted about previous experiences before. This year, it moved to the most prestigious venue in KC, the downtown Bartle Hall convention center. It easily lived up to the new venue, in guests and overall attendance. And, it included several Star Wars well as other big media guests.
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Star Wars Wednesday - One of Those Weeks

Travel can really throw you off schedule. This is one of those kinds of weeks. The sort where you go "it's Wednesday, wasn't there some thing else I needed to do besides collapse at the hotel?" Right. That blog post....from a phone. There's an app for just won't actually post any thing but a draft for some reason. No problem, that is what copy paste is for.

Next issue...I don't have all that handy Star Wars info with me.

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CHAOS D&D and GenCon 2011

I see from my site stats that a few eager GenCon 2011 attendees/players found my old post on CHAOS D&D, some through a google search. Thanks for the interest! I've gone back and edited the plot info out of the entry, but reading it may still give a way some spoilers on how the game itself is played. Though that in and of itself is not a secret (CHAOS has been running for years at ShaunCon and KC Game Fair), it's still more fun for some people to experience it first hand.

As to the plot info earlier readers or players may have read/played, CHAOS plots have a way of developing over time (and even in game), so I'm sure it won't be exactly the same this time around.

For those who aren't following all of that, the Roleplayers Guild of Kansas City, Ltd. is running two rounds of its long running Chaotically Hysterical Association of Systems (CHAOS) event at GenCon 2011.

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Star Wars Wednesday - Kershner and TESB

This week marks the passing of The Empire Strikes Back director, Irvin Kershner, so I, like so many others, will talk a bit about the movie. I can't speak directly of Kershner, having never met him and only know him like most fans do - as the director of the excellent and successful squeal to Star Wars. But I can relay some thoughts about the movie, as I remember them from long past, and now.
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Star Wars Wednesday - Stat Pack - Maps of Mastery I

This marks the first of what I will strive to make a weekly feature: Star Wars Wednesday. Most weeks it will likely cover some aspect of the Star Wars roleplaying or miniatures games, but some will also feature comments on most anything related to the Star Wars universe. Entry length will vary. Some will be copied in full to Delusions of Granduer, my blog, but any that feature gaming freebies (like today) will still require a trip over here to actually download it. Some weeks, I'll be posting other items to the blog, so if you want to just see the Star Wars items, simply click on the Star Wars Wed. category (below the post). Today, I'm featuring Stat Pack - Maps of Mastery I.
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Star Wars Celebration V Wrap Up

The Freelancer Strikes BackI had a great time attending my first Star Wars Celebration. I met a lot of people I'd previously only had professional or online contact with, made many new acquaintances and ran into the occasional old friend. I took full advantage of the panels. I often skipped some of the major ones that I knew I'd see clips from online and went to some that wouldn't be seen elsewhere. Among the event related highlights (of which there were many):

  • The party, which was a big success attended by many Star Wars celebrity guests (artists, authors, directors, creators, etc.) and fans.
  • Briefly meeting Clone Wars Supervising Director Dave Filoni, and having him comment on the end of the RPG line.
  • Panels covering Del Rey, Dark Horse, Essential Guides, Blueprints, Knight Errant, Atlas and Star Wars Insider.
  • Panels with Ben Burtt (sound), ILM model makers, SW and TESB producer Gary Kurtz and Lucas Licensing.
  • Writing panels with Troy Denning and Aaron Allston (I couldn't make the third).
  • Continuity-heavy discussion panel with Dave Filoni and Pablo Hidalgo on the Clone Wars.
  • Storytelling panel and Clone Wars Season 3 panel, both with Dave Filoni. 
  • Roaming the dealers hall, seeing the various sets and multitude of collectibles, toys, books and artists.
  • And many other displays, events, etc.

It was a very fun show and a great time. I also managed to see the last half of the Main Event from one of the overflow rooms and...and...and....there was too much to do even in 4 days, though I covered a lot of it.

The Rebellion Era Campaign Guide End Notes

With a recent 2010 ENnie award nomination for Best Supplement, I thought it was a good time to talk a bit about the Rebellion Era Campaign Guide, released July 2009. The design team for this book also included Rodney Thompson (Saga Edition line developer), Owen KC Stephens (Saga Edition and freelance author), JD Wiker (d20 Star Wars author/developer) and Britt Frey (freelance author).
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Journal Entry - Dots on a Map

FYI, I've started a new journal page for long form posts and commentary here on the site. My first one is called Dots on a Map, and covers some thoughts on the new Star Wars Atlas and how it interacts with my earlier work. Click here or the journal link on the menu bar above. The news page you are now reading will continue to include news, information and shorter comments.