FYI, I've been adjusting the site, having learned a bit more about the behind the scenes controls. I do this regularly, but this time, the changes are more significant and apparent. I've merged the news list into the blog, so it's all one page now. The blog now shows up as the main page. Longer blog entries (like Star Wars Wednesdays) will show the first paragraph or so, then you'll have to "click to read more..." which sends you to the full post. This will also help me track which entries are getting the most readers. This shouldn't affect any links to any individual posts - those page addresses have not changed.

I've also cleaned up the tags and categories, so searching by subject should be easier (see the right column for the lists). Given that I talk about Star Wars in a variety of contexts, I haven't tagged every Star Wars entry with that, which gets redundant very quickly. Instead, look for items starting with sw, like swse (Star Wars Saga Edition) or swminis (Star Wars minis).