Fringe Stat Pack

New on the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars RPG/Minis site, my latest article called the Fringe Stat Pack. It features new RPG stats for some of the Fringe faction minis from the recent Star Wars Miniatures sets like Jedi Academy, and so forth. I also took advantage of the fact that I wasn't rectricted to any particular campaign guide for the feats and talents used.

Usually, when creating new stats for printed products, we try to stick with the core rules and new features of the featured product. We know for sure that the players have those two products and can use the stats as designed. There are times when we break this, and sometimes it makes sense to do so, but we try to minimize it. Since the stat pack is a standalone article, it's easier to combine elements from several sources, when it makes sense for the character. Of course, if an GM doesn't have the book in question, it's easy enough to substitute a given talent or feat for one they do have.