Minis Mayham 42 - Life, the Universe, and Scenarios!

Last week, I was a guest on Minis Mayham #42 podcast, where we discussed 8 scenarios entered into their first scenario contest, and they announced the winner. With one exception, I played through all of the scenarios multiple times. They were very creative and fun. On the podcast we discuss their strengths and weaknesses, presentation and balance. Good stuff for scenario designers to consider. At some point, I think they will post the scenarios to their forums.

Each used Christopher West's excellent Maps of Mastery maps, available at his website. This was the first time I'd used Chris' maps in play, and they are equal to his official Star Wars minis maps. For those who don't know, Chris was the artist on all except one of the official maps over the years. His Maps of Mastery releases are just as easy to use, but lack any official Star Wars images. They're good for both minis and any sci-fi RPG.