Star Wars Wednesday - Monsters & Halloween

I was going to head back into useful game advice this week, with a bit on adapting D&D 4e or Gamma World monsters and opponents for Star Wars use. With experience in designing the beast quick creation system for Saga in Unknown Regions, and D&D monster design from Monster Vault: Threats to the Nentir Vale, I'd hoped to find a quick and dirty way for GMs to do it on the fly.

There may be, but I haven't hit upon it yet. For now, my advice is to create a new creature using the tables in Unknown Regions, with special qualities derived from monster powers you find inspiring or fun. You might occasionally find a D&D/GW critter where the defenses or the attack/damage numbers work well enough, but not on a consistent basis.

Seeing as that makes for a short post, I wanted to also follow up on the Halloween info from a couple of weeks ago. Since then, a pretty incredible number of photos and useful items have cropped up:

The Official Star Wars Blog posted the long lost paper masks, plus some cool stuff on Halloween at ILM and a spooky MP3 file that, admittedly, I haven't listed to yet.

The Official Star Wars Twitter feed has had a constant stream of Halloween info and pictures.

Not Halloween related, exactly, but potentially scary in any case, Star Wars Insider is hosting a vote to pick a character to become one of the next action figures.

Want to go dressed as a AT-ST? Is practicality of movement not an issue at your Halloween party? Here you go.