Star Wars Wedensday - Podcasts: Blazing Chain & Talnar's Rescue

This week's Star Wars Wednesday is a bit delayed, once again. No good reason, other than holiday prep and forgetting to post at the last minute. I have even less of an excuse, as I planned to reference my most recent appearance on the Order 66 podcast, and a live-game recording of my popular adventure Talnar's Rescue over at the Threat Detected podcast.

For those who may not be familiar, Order 66 is the long running podcast dedicated to Star Wars Saga Edition. I've been on a number of times, but this one was the first time where the focus of the show was specifically on an aspect of the Star Wars universe I created. There have been episodes based on books I was one of the authors of, but thats a bit different.

In this case, it was the brand new Force tradition I created for the Unknown Regions supplement, causally known as the "scout's" book. The tradition is the Blazing Chain, and it is essentially Force using, non-lightsaber wielding pirates. The show gets into a lot of detail, including lore and game mechanics discussions, so I won't go into specifics here. You can listen here instead.

For those who would like to hear one of my adventures in play, the Threat Detected podcast recently started playing an adaptation of Talnar's Rescue. I originally wrote the adventure for Star Wars Gamer magazine, under the original core rules for d20 Star Wars. Wizards of the Coast updated it to the Revised Core Rules and posted it as a free adventure. I've never found the time to update the adventure to Saga, but I've given out advice from time to time on it. You can hear Threat Detected's take here. As you might expect, I haven't had a chance to listen yet, but it's in the queue. Also, they recently interviewed Saga co-creator and developer, Rodney Thompson.

If you are intereted in more of my interviews, you can find them here.