Star Wars Wednesday - An Obvious Omission

About this time back in 2008, I sent a proposal off to Wizards addressing a clear oversight in the Saga Edition rules. Although it was surprising that the fans were not concerned about (or seemingly aware of) the omission, it was obvious to me we needed to include it to make sure that all aspects of the Saga were accurately portrayed within the game. Now, several years later, I dug out my original proposal and realized it was sorely lacking in game balance and explanation, likely due to the revolutionary changes it would have introduced to the game, plus it was early in the Saga Edition design process (for me, anyway). So, I present below, a newly updated version to add to the Force chapter of the Core Rulebook.



You know what they are.

Determining Your Midi-chlorian Score and Force Defense
Your character's Midi-chlorian score is a new ability score that defines and clarifies your character's natural Force abilities. Your Midi-chlorian score influences how adept you are at using the Force, or how susceptible you are to being influenced by and through the Force. All characters have a Midi-chlorian score, even if it is 0 like the Yuuzhan Vong (believed by everyone that they must therefore exist outside of the Force).*

Your Force Defense is used in place of Will Defense, when resisting Force powers and talents.

        Force Defense = Will Defense + Midi-chlorian Modifier

To determine your Midi-chlorian score, start with 0 and add the following modifiers, when they apply:

  • Non-Force Sensitive     +2500
  • Force Sensitive             +6000**
  • Strong in the Force       +10000***
  • Yoda                             +16000***
  • Skywalker Heritage      +20000***
  • Yuuzhan Vong              Immune to Midi-chlorians

** Does not stack with Non-Force Sensitive
*** Does not stack with Force Sensitive or Non-Force Sensitive

Refer to the following table, and apply the appropriate modifier to your Use the Force checks or your Force Defense, as noted.

Midi-chlorian Score                     Use the Force            Force Defense Modifier
0 - 5,000                                      +0                              +0
5,001 - 15,000                             +2                              +2
15,001-19,000                             +5                              +5
19,001 - 20,000+                         +10                            +10

Midi-chlorian Talent Tree (Force Talents)
Midi-chlorians are symbiotic beings that help bind the universe together through the Force. You have learned to listen to your midi-chlorians to further enhance your use of the Force.

      Voices: The midi-chlorians are speaking to you. They’re whispering, calling on you to do things, you know, just for them. Once per encounter, roll 1d20+5+1/2 your heroic level versus your Force  Defense. If it exceeds your score, the gamemaster will hand you a note, with the midi-chlorians' "request". It might come in the form of a brief vision, a particular feeling or impulse. You suffer a –5 penalty to any attack or other check until you carry out the midi-chlorians' "request." You gain a +10 to one skill check made during the encounter aid in carrying out the request. If you succeed, you are granted one temporary Force Point that must be used before the end of the encounter.

      Midi-chlorian Challenge: You have learned to challenge your midi-chlorians. If you succeed, you force them to obey your commands for a change. If you fail, your Force skill suffers. Once per encounter, as a swift action, roll 1d20+your character level versus your own Force Defense. Apply the result as a modifier to your use the Force checks.
    Prerequisite: Voices

      Midi-chlorian Control:  Control! Control! You're finally learning Control! As a free action, you may add +5 to your Force Defense or your own rolls versus your own Force Defense during the encounter.
    Prerequisites: Midi-chlorian Challenge, Voices

     Stop Messing With Me!: You’re learning to follow your own path. You may reroll any Midi-chlorian check and take the best result.
    Prerequisites: Voices, Midi-chlorian Challenge, Midi-chlorian Control

      Midi-chlorian Mastery: Now YOU are the Master. If you receive a midi-chlorian request, you may ignore it and still receive the temporary Force point.

     Prerequisites: Midi-chlorian Challenge, Midi-chlorian Control, Voices

You can rest assured that these rules have been rigorously play tested. Really.


However, I didn’t want this post to be just for Force users. I’ve also got a brand new feat ready to go:


You can break down an opponent’s resolve with a single, well timed and high-pitched complaint.

Prerequisite: None

Benefit: Once per encounter, as a swift action, you may make a Persuasion check opposed by the Perception skill of every opponent within 6 squares. For those who fail to exceed your roll, you inflict a –2 penalty to their Reflex and Will defenses until the end of your next turn. The penalty increases to –5, if they do not move at least their speed in squares away from your position on their turn.

Special: Characters with the Skywalker legacy gain a +5 to their Persuasion check for the purposes of this feat.




* Lost to the ages is the fact the Yuuzahn Vong really just conquered the midi-chlorians eons ago by outfitting their cells with bioenhanced mini-midi-busters. They’re kept under control by the Vong’s midi-player, which streams a continuous soundtrack of inspiring Vong battle hymns straight into their brain. Nonstop midi-music makes any species irritable and violently jealous of anyone who can escape the mental din.