Star Wars Wednesday - ComicCon & Related News

Last week was San Diego ComicCon, which is always a hotbed for Star Wars related news and activity. Here are some of the items that caught my attention (some from the show, others just had similar timing):

For those with iOS devices, the SW Saga Blue Ray preview app

I'm a bit behind the curve on TV technology, so Blu-Ray hasn't been a priority for me, but the deleted scenes are making it increasingly likely I'll eventually get the Blu-Ray release. Some we have always known were filmed but not used, other scenes, like Luke building his lightsaber, we didn't know they actually filmed. And by we, I mean me and some pretty prominent freelancers for the book lines.

Clone Wars preview trailers, where we see that blasters apparently work perfectly well under water, and Mon Calamari can scream underwater just like one can scream in air. In Death Watch, we also get a cool easter egg - the appearance of a Lantil Y-88B-F3, otherwise known as the Long Shot, which appeared as a poster map in the Campaign Pack, the original Star Wars The Roleplaying Game gamemaster screen. I seem to recall it was based on some movie concept art, but I'm not digging through my books to find it right now. I also don't seem to have the poster map at hand, but I'm sure its around somewhere.

Dark Horse goes digital

The Old Republic is now available for preorder. I went ahead and got mine. I've never preordered a game before. If it were any other title, I probably wouldn't have purchased it until I knew the actual release date, and the monthly subscription rate, neither of which have been officially released. However, I've learned from experience that to maximize the fun for this sort of title, I need to be there day one when all of my friends are there. Waiting just means they'll move on to something else before I get there, or shortly thereafter.

Everyone has probably heard about the XBox 360 Star Wars Limited Edition with Kinect. Will it be enough for me to finally get an XBox? Perhaps, but its not a sure thing. Here's a clip of the game play. Seems like there's a delay on the response, so we'll have to see how the final version works.



Seriously considering ordering one of the new Moleskine Star Wars notebooks

Also, apparently Harrison Ford will be reunited with Chewbacca tonight on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

While we're talking late night, I'll go off topic a bit, to say that They Might Be Giants will be on Jimmy Fallon.