Star Wars Wednesday - GenCon 2011

It's been a busy week and a half, or so, between GenCon, preparing for GenCon, work, home and car disasters and work travel. On the plus side, GenCon went well and I think it will be an interesting year, both personally and in the gaming industry. We'll see how things go.

As was announced last week, Fantasy Flight Games picked up the Star Wars game license. They demoed prototypes of their announced games at Gen Con. X-Wing, as I anticipated, is based on their Wings at War WWII game. There are some changes - a dail replaces the flight cards, the flying distance per turn is longer, and there are Star Wars appropriate abilities and effects. I played the demo and it was fun. Check out WaW for a preview.

I also watched a demo of the new card game. It is cooperative, Rebel players vs. Empire.  I'm told it is similar to their Lord of the Rings card game, but don't know.

I hear a certain podcast got an interview with FFG. I'll pass on the link when posted.

Other Gen Con notes:

Saw a lot of people and made some new contacts. Had a good time at the Diana Jones Awards.

Loved the new Leviathans game from Catalyst Game Labs, been watching it for years. Wanted to get in a demo, but ran out of time. My dealers hall time was way too limited this year.

CHAOS D&D was a huge success, with about 29 of 36 players showing, all but one prereged. I ran the 4e table with half PHB one characters, half Essentials characters. Was surprised how many apparently avid 4e players had no idea what Essentials was. However, only a few payers had never played 4e, like maybe a half dozen.

"Traditional" CHAOS was much less successful, with only enough players for one table to rotate through the games. We may move time slots next year.

Star Wars Saga Edition books were on sale at various vendors, at various prices. It is a good place to stock up. No core rules, Starships of the Galaxy or Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide, though.

Star Wars Minis were also available.

There were interesting D&D announcements. Looking forward to the minis, Neverwinter and other products.

And more I'm probably forgetting about. Check out my Twitter feed for comments as they happened. silverforce77 (also on the right side of this page).