Star Wars Wednesday - Blue Ghost of Halloween Past

I admit, after coming up with that title, I rather want to figure out how to do a blue Star Wars Force ghost now...right, so, the internet never fails to show that someone has indeed done this before. It is on boards , though the image can only seem to be seen via google image search.

OK, it's Halloween. Since Halloween falls on Wednesday, looks like I'll probably have a couple of posts on the subject this year.

As I'm not much of a in, I'm not...I've really only dressed up in Star Wars gear at Halloween. My first costume was an early Darth Vader, plastic mask and a very non-Vader like store bought costume common in the late '70s. No idea if it was 77 or 78, though. Steve Sansweet has a great blog on the subject, including pictures, on the official blog this week. I've still got the mask around somewhere, maybe the entire costume stashed away in a box. I don't remember if I cared about Darth Vader on the front vs. a proper chest panel image.

In what is likely the first cosplay-level costume I ever saw, I vivedly remember seeing Darth Vader walking alone in the local Halloween parade around that time...carrying some kind of camera flash light-gun. It probably wasn't all that great, but I was young enough not to know the difference. I do remember being surprised at the appearance in the parade, and thrilled to see it. It might have been the first time I saw a movie character that close. 

Many years later, I patched together a workable Luke Skywalker costume using an old karate uniform, strips of cloth, and an original toy stormtrooper blaster rifle. A borrowed Jedi Knight costume was probably the last one, and it was easily many years ago now. In the intervening years, I've also created a Gordon Freeman (Halflife) costume, and a easy to assemble and passable Stargate SG-1 uniform. This year isn't looking good time-wise, so it may be a recycling year, where I patch together something from whatever I've got from previous years.

So, it will be interesting to see what is popular this year. Clone Wars seems to have dominated the kids at the door for awhile, so I wonder if we'll see a resurgence of Darth Maul with his return to the series. Who am I kidding...obviously, it will be a flock of Angry Star Wars Birds. OK, I admit, I thought I was just making a joke....but here they are! Remember, joke first, google later.

Also, is updating various Halloween posts daily on their blog.

Hmmm...I wonder...if I did manage to make a blue ghost costume, maybe I could recycle it as a Star Wars hologram next year...