Star Wars Wednesday - 2012 End of the Year Grab Bag Blog Post

Well, 2012 was an exceptionally interesting and unexpected year for Star Wars and Star Wars gaming. The design and release of the new Star Wars RPG from FFG. Lucasfilm going to Disney. Celebration VI. New movies on the way, and Clone Wars moving right along. I could go on, but most fans know it, and there are far better sources out there.

Instead, this end of the year grab bag blog post is going to feature links to Star Wars RPG related sites - new, old and still active. It particular, with the official release of the Edge of the Empire Beginning Game, as well as the Edge of the Empire Beta, fan sites are beginning to appear with stats and other info. They're a bit hard to track down at the moment. Indeed, the site that prompted me to start this list I can't actually find at the moment. I can't remember the name or where I saw the original link. Twitter? Facebook? G+? Email? Well, I'm sure it will surface again sometime. I'll  update the list in the future. For now, if you're a fan of Edge of the Empire, D20/Saga, d6 or even looking for an unofficial Savage Worlds conversion, here are a few links you might find useful for your games. They usually have stats plus adventures, advice, reviews and so on.

The usual disclaimer: I haven't really used these sites in depth, analyzed their accuracy or know their owners (usually) so all I can really attest to is that they look useful and generally up to date. Your mileage may vary.

Happy Holidays!

Edge of the Empire

Saga Edition/d20


Savage Worlds

Other notes:

There are duplicate entries when a site covers more than one system.

There are resources buried in the Fantasy Flight Forums.

Rodney Thompson (Saga Edition designer, d20 freelancer) still maintains the SWRPGNetwork, so take a look if you haven't been back for awhile.