Star Wars Wednesday - Clone Wars and Sidecars

So, being tired from a lot of stuff happening lately, I took some time tonight to catch up on the Clone Wars episodes piling up on the DVR. Watching several at a time, especially those that are linked story arcs, actually makes it easier to follow along. This is especially true for story arcs resurface weeks after they left off. 

So, you know, spoiler alert for those who haven't seen up to the most recent episodes (or some of the less recent episodes, like I said, they were stacked up and some were missed the first time they were broadcast).

OK. First a little Clone Wars commentary, in no particular order:

  • Still like the space battles the most, and wish they used them more often.
  • The sidecar BARC speeder bikes were a lot more entertaining than I expected them to be. See below.
  • Loved seeing Obi-Wan using the old Boba Fett/bounty hunter McQuarrie concept helmet in The Box and more.
  • Nightsister Force use is still too magicky for me. Could have done without the zombies, though they were impressively fast.
  • Despite misgivings about the Nightsisters, I do like it that Ventress has significant character development over the course of the series.
  • Loved the ship in Friend in Need, first seen by old RPG fans as a fold out poster from WEG.
  • Also in Friend in Need, R2's introduction to the damaged droids is the best creepy zombie/undead-esque droid scene ever. 
  • Pablo's Pawn Shop.
  • Rather disturbingly, both Obi-Wan and Anakin have let others/innocents die to protect their undercover identity in different episodes.
  • Anakin suddenly likes Force grip a lot.
  • The holographic disguise system is a bit too good, like the invisible droids and stealth belts from other episodes and video games.  
  • What happened to Cad Bane's hose thingys attached to his face? Guess they weren't important?
  • Spoiler alert for next week's episode - it's really cool to see this pair of actors together recording a scene....

One gaming comment on the BARC sidecars. If you want to use it in the game, it's pretty simple to add them to basically any speeder bike you like that's big enough to handle it.

  • Add the sidecar to the description
  • Add a light repeating blaster, consider it tripod mounted.
  • Flipping the sidecar facing (forward to rear or vice versa) is a move action (in d20/saga).
  • Firing the the blaster is the same as firing a turret on a starship or speeder.

One last bit - you HAVE to check out these awesome battle images from the forthcoming Essential Guide to Warfare by Jason Fry.  Who said ewoks are just cute?