Star Wars Wednesday - Blog Closing

I got the official word of something I expected to happen long ago. The blogs are going away in 60 days. Starting in 2005, I posted regularly there in a blog called Delusions of Grandeur, as Silverforce.

It was an interesting time for a few reasons - Revenge of the Sith had just come out, and I had returned to Star Wars freelancing via the Star Wars Miniatures game. The Revised Core Rules for the d20 RPG were still active, if just barely. We didn't know at the time that a new version of the roleplaying game would be out in a few years. It was also fun because in the beginning, actors, writers, past special effects techs and Lucasfilm employees would post things from their own point of view.

Reading through then entries, it covers almost the entirety of the Star Wars Minis game, the end of the RCR and the entire Saga run. Lots of other Star Wars events and products are discussed along the way. Much like this blog, anything Star Wars was up for discussion.

The blogs really tapered off prior to Celebration V, and especially with the demise of the Hyperspace Fan Club (which is how you got one in the first place). Last summer, it was pretty much myself, Daniel Wallace and Joke-a-Day. Since August, it's been just the latter two. I still get regular hits on this blog from the site, however.

So, go read some gaming and Star Wars history, before it goes away. I've pretty much archived all of the entries, and the latest ones were just copies of or links to this page. I might resurrect an entry from time to time when I'm in a time crunch - though my attempts in the past usually prodded me into updating the entry and starting over.

As for some kind of final post over there, I don't think there is going to be one. Last time I tried to login, it said my Hyperspace account had expired. Given that I can't exactly renew it, I guess that's it. It would have been nice, but probably a bit pointless. In any case, it was a good run of over 6 years.