Star Wars Wednesday - Planet Comicon & Blockade Nebulon-B

KC's local major comic book convention was this past weekend. Planet Comicon is a growing show, and they've continued to get good Star Wars related guests over the years. I skipped last year, due to job hunting. I almost skipped this year due to other obligations, but my wife prodded me into going anyway. 

Of course, I'm glad I did. First, Billy Dee Williams made an appearance, with about 400-500 people in the room. He was entertaining. It was public Q&A, with all the pluses and minuses of that format. His rendition of Colt 45 got the biggest reaction. He also had the longest autograph line, by far, so I skipped that. It wasn't long by standards of other conventions, but I'm only a casual autograph collector. Generally, I must really want that particular autograph, without an extended wait and high cost. Sometimes, I've picked up autographs because the opportunity was too good or easy to pass up. Certain celebrity appearances at GenCon come to mind. But I digress.

I don't think this is what they meant by Lords of Waterdeep.After the panel, I dropped by the games section because I knew at least one of the volunteers (from the KantCon group running the games). Turns out, he was demoing the brand new Lords of Waterdeep...with a certain Sith Lord pausing at the table. I snapped a picture, figuring Star Wars Saga & Lords of Waterdeep designer Rodney Thompson might be amused by it.

Next, I waded through the sea of people entering the dealers hall. Speaking as an architect, they need to fix this part of the con - there is only one way for the public to enter the room, and it was through the jam packed lobby. It was ok later in the day, but at high noonish it was a problem.

The dealers hall was bigger this year. I'm not the biggest comic book fan, so I was there mainly for the Star Wars related guests. I met Dan Scott, KotoR series, D&D and Magic artist, and had him sign a KotoR comic. I wandered around for awhile, eventually getting to the autograph tables.

Adrienne Wilkinson (Maris Brood & the Daughter in Clone Wars) signed a pic and the Maris Brood entry in my Force Unleashed Campaign Guide (though that wasn't one of my sections). This lead to an interesting discussion about what the game was, my involvement, and so on. I was so involved in the conversation, I didn't notice until later that I forgot to take a picture.

As I finished, I realized that Jake Lloyd had arrived at the adjacent table. He's a nice guy and, as it turns out, a KotoR fan. We had a great conversation. He signed the classic Anakin with Vader's shadow pic.

 I have a few more pictures from the show on my facebook fan page, including a killer Darth Maul.


So, I noticed a new source of traffic to my site this week. Since it had blockade runner in the site title, and linked to my cartography, I went to check it out. It turns out, there is a project underway to make a sort of Minecraft-like spaceship shooter, called Blockade Runner. One of the contributors has taken on the formidable task of modeling a Nebulon-B, and were looking at my WEG maps for reference. I dropped in a bit of explanation that might help them along the way. You can see the thread here. They're off to a good start.