Star Wars Wednesday - d6 Magazine

I'm juggling a bunch of stuff this week, so this one will be short and sweet - a quick look at d6 Magazine.

I may have mentioned it before - but I'm not locating the post in a quick search - but a new free online pdf magazine focused on West End Game's d6 system is now available. They're now on issue 4. They are publishing new d6 material under the Open d6 license, essentially the open gaming license for d6. WEG released the d6 under this license just before closing shop. Note that the d6 system in this case is NOT exactly the same as the Star Wars d6 system, though it is obviously based on it.

The magazine covers a range of subjects, such as interviews, genre specific articles, game mechanics analysis and so on. Their first issue featured ex-WEG Star Wars line editor Bill Smith. The latest, the fourth issue, interviews Peter Schweighofer, ex-WEG editor of the Star Wars Adventure Journal.

Fans of any version of the d6 system should check it out. You can find it at . Issues 1 and 2 are available on the site, issues 3 and 4 will take you to DriveThruRPG for a free download.