Star Wars Wednesday - Operation Archive Blog

While writing the previous post about the Alpha map, I suddenly got a notice from that my Delusions of Grandeur blog would disappear this evening. Just like the notice 7 days ago, 30 days ago and 60 days ago. Fine, I'd long since archived the site....except I discovered over the weekend, I had no idea where the files were...

Then I got a sneaking suspicion that I was remembering my effort to archive the Wizards of the Coast Star Wars minis and other articles before they disappeared. Uh oh. After I finished the post, I frantically called up the blog index and started PDF printing nearly every entry - around 200 of them. I skipped the repeats of Star Wars Wendesday. Having started Delusions of Grandeur back in 2005, there were a lot of entries. I'll likely be reviving some of the info here, especially weeks when I run short of time.

So, get ready for wonderful entries like this from 2005:

It's the AT-AT to speak.

Here are the details, including price:

AT-AT Imperial Walker Colossal Pack
They had this on display at GenCon (and
other large conventions). It's very well done.
The base is grided, so characters can run
around under the monster.

It must be mine!

Or something better, possibly with the links repaired and/or included.

But it was true, I actually ended up with two of them.

As for the end of the blogs, the last regularly posted blog was Star Wars Joke a Day. It has moved to

....and I see from my spell check that after all of these years, I still spell Grandeur correctly about half the time. Figures.