Star Wars Wednesday - One of Those Weeks

This was supposed to go up on Wednesday. Those who follow me on twitter (@silverforce77) saw my note indicating it was delayed by a cranky web interface that suddenly didn't want to work with my phone browser, and the app for the site just seems capable of posting drafts only. It's supposed to do more than that, but that's all I can ever get it to do. I'm back now, so up it finally goes....

Travel can really throw you off schedule. This is one of those kinds of weeks. The sort where you go "it's Wednesday, wasn't there some thing else I needed to do besides collapse at the hotel?" Right. That blog post....from a phone. There's an app for just won't actually post any thing but a draft for some reason. No problem, that is what copy paste is for.

Next issue...I don't have all that handy Star Wars info with me. I suppose I could go on about the NFL refs or something. By now, someone probably has a cartoon of Vader Force choking a ref, saying " Oh look, dinner."

So much for finishing the post before dinner arrived.

So, that should be, "You have failed me for the last time."

Right. Star Wars.  I could point out that Fantasy Flight likely posted the rpg Beta update, but I haven't checked, and won't on my limited phone data plan. And regular readers  probably get the idea by now that this happens every week.More useful is to promote the fact that The Essential Reader's Companion is out soon, and should be a must read, go to reference for expanded universe fans. It should be great for catching up on all those SW books. It is also written by Pablo Hidalgo, formerly of WEG freelancing, now at Lucasfilm. There are previews popping up online now.

Speaking of WEG, Bill Slavicsek, formerly of WEG staff, and more recently formerly of TSR/Wizards of the Coast, has been interviewed about his early WEG days, and the original D6 version of the RPG. It is good for anyone interested in the RPG, but also useful for any EU fan.

Ok, links. I'll have to add them after I get back to a non phone system. Check back later or google them now.

And now, the web interface suddenly doesn't like my phone browser...guess it's time to give up and complain on twitter....

Since it is now well past later, here are those links:

Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beta 4 update

Reader's Companion Art Preview

Pablo Hildago - Reader's Companion interview

Bill Slavicsek Interview