Star Wars Wednesday - More Behind the Scenes

A short entry this week, following on with the behind the scenes ideas from earlier on.

First, FFG has started indicating what areas of the Age of Rebellion they would like playtested. Focused playtesting can provide a lot of feedback in a short time on a specific mechanic, character build, etc. Straight up playtesting is useful, but also pushing the limit can reveal possible issues. While playtesting a full game session shows how the rules work together, it is also possible to stage isolated, specific encounters just to test the item in question. Repeated tests can provide new information, but also, having the players try a different play style (aggressive vs. passive, or using different or unusual characters) can also demonstrate unexpected or simply unthought of interactions. 

Moving on, the Making of Star Wars / Empire Strikes Back / Return of the Jedi enhanced ebooks were announced this week. The making of books are really nicely done, so it will be interesting to see what the video and audio add. There are some previews out there: