Star Wars Wednesday - Con Games

I'll be attending the KC Game Fair in Kansas City this weekend. I'll be running Star Wars Edge of the Empire each day, plus The Day After Ragnarok (Savage Worlds edition) and Deadlands Noir.

One of the best thing about running games at cons is that you can set them up just how you want them. In other words, using pregenerated characters, the GM can control the exact type and background of each PC involved in the adventure. Whether or not the players play to their expected characters is another matter entirely. However, the method allows for tight integration between the PCs and the story line. It allows the GM to try different adventures or set ups that maybe his or her group doesn't normally play.

Want a squadron of fighter pilots? Jedi Masters and Padawans? All Ewoks? All Jawas (I've threatened to write that one)? All Wookiees (I have run that one under Saga Edition). The GM can try lots of unusual combinations, and work the PC Obligations well into the story itself.

This weekend I'll be running "The Sabaac Incident." If it goes well, I may see about sharing it in some fashion, though with my schedule, it isn't likely to be too soon.


And sorry for missing a week. Hopefully, I'm back on schedule.