Star Wars Wednesday - Ups and Downs

This week reflects a lot of Star Wars news of late: information on new movies - yay! More Lucasfilm layoffs - boo! I'm so busy, it's hard to keep up! Ugh! OK, that last one is just me, with a work trip and the usual other stuff taking up time this particular week. Other stuff like retyping this post after it went poof after...never mind. OK, probably not just me. So, on with the Star Wars ups and downs.

The most unexpected news was the passing of Richard LeParmentier - better known as Admiral Motti (or General Motti), the Imperial officer Vader chokes in Episode IV. LeParmentier was actually just in KC for Planet Comicon. Though I didn't meet him, I saw him at his booth, and would have seen him at the Star Wars panel, but he and a few others had to leave the show early.

On the movie front, it appears to be officially announced that there will be annual Star Wars movies, alternating between 7, 8, 9 and standalone films.

Lucas Licensing added to the continuing Lucasfilm layoffs, but little is known about it.

May the Fourth is coming, featuring FFG's Star Wars weekend.

And then there is this:

Followed up by this: