Star Wars Wednesday - May the 4th and More

Saturday is May the 4th, and if you haven't run across a ton of May the 4th be with You references, you probably haven't been anywhere near a Star Wars site for the past week or so. There appears to be a lot going on, and seems like there might be some surprises in store...but who knows for sure. Anyway, last week was pretty light in the blog, so I thought I'd make for it this week with a wide range of stuff...

First, a public service announcement from the Galactic Empire:

And you can find all the official stuff on May the 4th at and probably a ton more on your typical fan news sites.

The Clone Wars received 7 Daytime Emmy nominations today. Congratulations! You can see the list here.

And The Clone Wars aren't finished yet. USA Today had an announcement and a new sneak peak at what is still left to come.

One really cool announcement recently is the creation of a comic book series based of the earliest drafts of Star Wars, called The Star Wars, using art inspired by early McQuarrie concept art. I'm looking forward to this.

Speaking of older stuff, it turns out a lot of the old Wizards of the Coast Star Wars RPG and Miniatures pages still exist on the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, so you can go back and read older articles and even download pdfs like the Dawn of Defiance campaign.

And going back a bit further, the Star Wars South Dakota blog has put the style of the old WEG adventure covers to new entertaining uses. Well done. Now they're working on some interiors....

X-Wing Miniatures fans might find this site useful for building squadrons.

Edge of the Empire fans aren't left out - someone has started a free android app character manager. I haven't tried it.

The website io9 has had a crazy amount of Star Wars related articles, which they tag, so you can find the list here.

And finally, if you're in Minneapolis, Fantasy Flight Games is hosting a Star Wars gaming weekend this week...and May the 4th, of course.