Star Wars Wednesday - Return of the Jedi - 30 Years

This week marks the 30th year since Return of the Jedi was released. Here are a few random thoughts about the movie.

I didn't see the movie opening day. I don't think it was even the same week. I heard about the Leia reveal early because if it.

At the time, my take on the second Death Star was "Really, another one?" So I guess I was looking for something new and different.

The Ewoks as cute teddy bear things didn't cross my mind while watching the movie, though I thought it would have been much better with the original Wookiee concept.

I always like the space battles. Empire was a big letdown from that aspect for me, so the Jedi space battle scenes were always fun to watch, and always way too short.

Along with that, seeing new starships, starfighters and other vehicles was also great fun.

Jedi really opened up the universe with the vast array of creatures at Jabba's Palace, as well as the multitude of various Rebels and their ships.

Here's the 1983 trailer, in the style of the time. Looking back, there's a surprising spoiler towards the end.