Star Wars Wednesday - Jedi+

Looks like I'll be posting short updates for awhile yet, with a lot going on. This week, its another look back at Return of the Jedi, plus an Edge of the Empire site people might not be aware of...

First, the Return of the Return of the Jedi: Special Edition. It's a fun look back through the eyes of a number of well known Star Wars fans and contributors. Sam Witwer has some great lines in it.

Next, for those who didn't hear, both Edge of the Empire and X-Wing Miniatures won best RPG and best miniatures range, respectively, at the UK Games Expo.

And finally, for those on Google+, there is an Edge of the Empire community that is worth checking out. There are all sorts of comments and resources that appear fairly regularly. It's public, so non-google+ users can also read it.