Star Wars Wednesday - Adventures Abound

Someday soon, I suspect I'll get some free time. In the meantime, this past week has seen a lot of adventure related announcements and releases from Fantasy Flight Games for Edge of the Empire.

First up, FFG announced that Beyond the Rim is in stores. I've seen reports and started getting some tweets and notes that people have picked it up. I hope everyone has a great time with it. I'm hoping to post a bit more about it later on. Here's one item, though. When I ran my adventure at the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Game Experience weekend, I used the Wheel, the concourse, shops and some of the specific NPCs from Beyond the Rim as the game setting. I didn't use any of the actual adventure major characters or plot items, just pulled out the setting and character I needed for the game. None of the players knew...til now.

Also last week, FFG released the Free RPG Day and GenCon introductory adventure Under a Black Sun as a pdf download. The pre-generated characters were already available. I ran this on Saturday evening at GenCon. It's a good intro adventure - and in fact, it contains a condensed version of the game rules. If you haven't played or checked out the game yet, this can be used as a quick start. It's a complete adventure in its own right, in a traditional adventure format (rather than the Beginner Game style layout). It also includes Obligation, and a pretty interesting way to introduce its importance to the game to the players via the character sheet.

Today, FFG announced Suns of Fortune, the Corellian sector sourcebook. I wasn't involved in this one. It will be interesting to see an RPG book focused just on Corellia, as I'm reasonably sure it hasn't been featured in its own product before.

Finally, I mentioned last week that I was hard at work (and still am...) on some cartography for the Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether kickstarter graphic novel. Greg Rucka posted a proof of concept video clip I did. You can find it here, if you're interested.