Star Wars Wednesday - Trench Runs

This week, someone released a demo for the classic Star Wars trench run using the Oculus Rift VR's cool and all, but somehow, I feel like I've seen this before....

First, the new hotness:

If you're adept at seeing the old 3D "Magic Eye" images, you can use the same trick to sort of see the video above in 3D. Expand the image to full screen and line up the targeting cross hairs.

Obviously, this is the latest in gaming technology for reliving the attack on the Death Star. My first experience was much different, but seemed every bit as cool to my very young self at the time: the Star Wars Destroy the Death Star Game. It was a board game where each player had a trio of tiny X-Wing starfighters to attack the feared battlestation. I played it exactly once, back in the day, and actually haven't seen a copy in person since.

Eventually, the Atari arcade version came out, complete with music and Ben Kenobi backing you up:

Notice anything in particular about that version? It's the first to add the bridges as obstacles across the trench. Keep an eye out, as they became a popular addition...and they were even in the Oculus Rift version above.

Of course, the trench run became a required staple for any Star Wars starfighter it was in X-Wing on the PC:

And in no particular order - or rather, likely out of order of release:

Sega Star Wars Arcade:

Star Wars Rogue Squadron

Star Wars Trilogy Arcade

Star Wars Rogue Leader (Gamecube)

Trench Run for iPhone

I mean seriously, compare this PHONE version to the original arcade is the 21st century.

And just to wrap up with the latest board game version (if rather unofficial):

So, may the Force, and catwalks and bridges, be with you...