Lady Sabre KS Digital Books Going Out

I've just become aware that the Lady Sabre Kickstarter books are going out in digital form to backers. I hope everyone enjoys them. My contributions are:

The Map - the mysterious document for which Volume 1 is named. This is actually shown within the comic itself in a very large panel. This also makes a similar appearance online.

The world maps in the various forms and books.

The Tanitin continent map.

The Pegasus deck plans, limited in the digital package to one elevation shown as a wall paper for use on various digital devices.

For non-backers, you can catch a glimpse of the maps in the sneak peeks released earlier. There is also the proof-of-concept video I created during the map making process which was released last year.

I saw the proofs for the hardcopies awhile back, and they also looked very good.