Star Wars Wednesday - Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year! I was so distracted yesterday that I totally forgot about Star Wars Wednesday. I usually do some sort of grab bag post around this time, but I'm a bit busy for that at the moment. I do have a couple of items, though.

The widespread Star Wars universe looks to be very interesting for the foreseeable future, with new movies, games, and much more. As the universe becomes ever more involved, it is good to stop and remember this:

No, not that Star Wars is now on Instagram, though that is also true. And not those classic Star Wars trading cards, of which this is the back of one of them.*  It's easy to forget with the multitude of books, comics, guides, games, tv shows, continuity, and more that Star Wars, and especially the original movie, is a Space Fairy Tale.

Speaking of new, 2014 will bring a number of new FFG Star Wars RPG and minis titles. Here are a few of the recent announcements:

* New internet discovery, there's a site dedicated to collecting these kinds of cards. I shouldn't be surprised, but somehow am.