Star Wars Wednesday - Age of Rebellion & Other Rebels

Coming Second Quarter 2014.Rebels everywhere this week. Rebel games, Rebel ships, and Rebel TV Shows. Plus The Clone Wars resurfaced.

Fantasy Flight Games announced that the Star Wars Age of Rebellion RPG Core Rulebook will be released in the second quarter of this year. I was part of the project team on this with similar, but not exactly the same, contributions as the Edge of the Empire RPG. More on that on release.

FFG also announced the corresponding Star Wars Age of Rebellion Beginner Game. I wasn't involved in it, but expect it to be as good as the Edge version for learning the game and introducing RPGs in general.

X-Wing Miniatures also had recent announcements. There is more information on the first of the big ships announced at 2013 GenCon, the Rebel Transport. Wave 4 ships were announced for the first time, with entries from the EU.

The Rebels TV show is making a splash right now. First, there were a series of in-universe propaganda poster images released. Next was the latest character and first casting announcement for the show. There are a lot of sneak peek videos on the Disney XD Star Wars site, which is the channel scheduled to carry the show.

And more on Chopper, the Grumpy Astromech....

And, of course, there are always more Episode 7 rumors to go check out, this time it's when filming may begin, and more actor rumors. Check that stuff out on your favorite Star Wars fan news site.

But....not to be forgotten, there is bonus content from The Clone Wars on its way. Announcements are coming in a rather odd way, the latest being an advertisement/trailer for the bonus content broadcast in Germany. The trailer is German.

While there is a soundtrack from the movie version of The Clone Wars, there is no series soundtrack. However, the composer, Kevin Kiner, has posted many of the music cues to his personal website.

 And don't forget there is less than a week left to vote for the Golden Geeks awards from et. al., so go vote for Beyond the Rim, Edge of the Empire, and the long list of Star Wars games that were nominated. There are some restrictions on voting, but if you can, your support is appreciated.