Star Wars Wednesday - The Lost Missions

This is one of those busy weeks. Fortunately, The Clone Wars: The Lost Missions trailer was released and it looks great....

If you're not up on The Clone Wars, it was canceled abruptly after Season 5 and the Disney buyout of Lucasfilm. However, given the nature of the business, episodes for season 6 were already underway. They've been consolidated into the The Lost Missions, which will be released on Netflix. It somewhat inexplicably ran in Germany already. For those who read the Star Wars Insider, there is an episode breakdown in there, but I assume it has at least some spoilers and skipped over it for now.

I've heard others have broken this down further elsewhere on the internet. I think it is interesting that they went back to the John Williams music for the trailer, instead of The Clone Wars versions. I don't expect that to carry over into the actual show. George Lucas actually requested that The Clone Wars have it's own musical identity and not use Williams work.