Star Wars Wednesday - Clone Wars & More

Since The Clone Wars Lost Missions came out over the weekend, here are a few comments and notes on things along the way. No spoilers, though. And a few other items that got pushed aside in the past few weeks for more important posts.

First, I want to cover a bit more on Aaron Allston's passing. There have been a lot of tributes, but there was one in particular I was waiting to see. Mike Stackpole posted his remembrance a few days ago, having taken some time to be able to write it. For those who don't know, Mike and Aaron were very good friends from their game company days. When I was at Aaron's benefit at GenCon 2009, I remember Mike talking with Aaron about the future of electronic publishing, and the ability of authors to command their own works in a new way. That conversation got me watching the ebook revolution more closely, for which Mike was already a proponent. While I haven't exactly acted on what I've learned, I keep an eye on things for future possibilities. Anyway, Mike's post is as heartfelt as you can imagine, and worth reading.

One item that was pushed aside last week was the recent release of Dangerous Covenants, Hired Gun Handbook for Edge of the Empire. I had a good time with the product, covering vehicles, vehicle weapons and Chapter 3 Action and Adventure - with Hired Gun specific GM advice. We got to focus a lot on the "hired" part of the hired gun concept, so it's helpful for any campaign with mercenaries as well.

So, Friday night and Saturday morning, I watched all of The Clone Wars Lost Missions on netflix. I enjoyed them, the second half more than the first. No spoilers here, though. With all the build up to the show online, I would have thought Netflix would make a bigger deal about it - and easier to find. I finally figured out it was tacked on to the end of the 5 seasons as season 6. Makes sense, but not necessarily the most intuitive way to go about it for those who are coming in new to Netflix. I've had netflix before, back in the dvd days, but it didn't last long due to missing out on one too many ends of movies because a bad disc. We'll see if we stick with it this time, though I'm not a fan of Netflix's deal with Comcast. We'll see how much my wife takes to it. For those who haven't looked, you can actually try netflix for free for the first month.

So, I expect to revisit aspects of the Lost Missions in the future.

Moving on, there have been a number of Dave Filoni interviews and posts that are worth checking out....after you watch the Lost Missions.

The last arc is important enough that I would encourage non-Clone Wars fans to watch it.