Star Wars Wednesday - Rebels and Wondercon Rebels

Another week, and more Star Wars revelations. No, not the latest rumors about breakfasts or filiming or nebulous canon statements and other stuff, but actual reveals from the upcoming Rebels show. Plus Fantasy Flight Games releases more about the huge Rebel ships coming later this year for X-Wing.

First, Fantasy Flight released more information about how the huge new Rebel ships will maneuver and work in the X-wing Miniatures game. It features new mechanics, like a new movement template and the introduction of Energy stat.

Now, Wondercon. Dave Filoni and others held a panel session. I couldn't miss it....on twitter. No, I didn't go, but my feed exploded with live-tweets from several different accounts and retweets from others I follow. Hard to miss. Some exciting new stuff was revealed, including a new clip showing off Hera and Chopper in action aboard the Ghost.

They also released a brief interview with composer Kevin Keiner about the music for the show. His Clone Wars music was excellent, but was explicitly told to make The Clone Wars its own thing, and avoid traditional John Williams themes. That's changed for Rebels, and he shows some of it off. Looking forward to new Star Wars themes and music, both here and in the new movies.

The Official Star Wars Blog has a rundown, including new concept art some of which has a distinctly McQuarrie feel too it.

The official site also has a Rebels landing page now, consolidating a lot of the released info.