Star Wars Wednesday - Far Horizons

Switching things up a bit this week, with the FFG announcement and, of course, George Lucas' birthday today...

So, Happy Birthday to George Lucas who is obviously a great influence on my personal and professional life.

And speaking of...Fantasy Flight Games announced the upcoming release of Edge of the Empire Far Horizons, A Sourcebook for Colonists, of which I am one of the authors. It is due out in the Third Quarter of this year. There are a few details in the announcement. I can't say much, but as the announcement shows, this book adds some interesting specialization options to the Colonist career.

The Performer specialization in particular elevates this character type to higher prominence for roleplaying and game mechanics than past versions of the RPG, perhaps all of them. The d6 version had performer templates that set starting attribute scores and skills. d20 had skills that could be selected to emphasize the role. Saga, with fewer skills available, left this sort of character to the storytelling side of things. This one gets the full benefits of the specialization system.

So, more to come on that sometime....later.