Star Wars Wednesday - Star Wars Day(s)

Last week marked the pseudo holiday, Star Wars Day. There was much celebration, and the day was marked all around the web, tv shows like the Big Bang Theory, and more. There were also a couple of reveals...

First up, the Star Wars Rebels trailer premiered, after teasers earlier on. There has also been discussion about a possible character appearing in both Rebels and Episode VII. Rumors. We'll see. Very much looking forward to this series.

Then there was the surprise video selfie from JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan, revealing very little, but fun anyway.

Revealing only slightly more was the Bob Iger selfie with a certain Wookiee from a certain appears.

In other happenings, the Star Wars Storyboards (original trilogy) book has its own trailer, complete with what has become the traditional Star Wars trailer music. I've always liked the storyboards, though probably third after concept art and set drawings, such as in the completely fantastic Star Wars The Blueprints book.

It has been a week since the EU announcement and many have commented, but Jason Fry, who authored a good many EU "nonfiction fiction" books like the Atlas and Essential Guide to Warfare, gives his thoughts in an interview here.

And finally, Wil Wheaton's Indiegogo for TableTop Season Three exceeded $1 million (currently about $1.2 million). That means there will be a roleplaying game show, which is fantastic. The fundraising continues through Saturday, so there is still time to contribute. Extra money at this point is will go towards improving the RPG show. They are also taking game suggestions via twitter: @tabletop with hashtag #ilovetabletop.